What is Link Building?

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What is Link Building?

What is Link Building? Link building can be defined as the process of getting other websites to
link back to your website. Link building helps to drive referrals traffic and increase the authority of a site. Google algorithms are complex and always evolving. However, backlinks remain an important factor in how every search engine determines sites that rank for certain keywords. Building links is a common search engine optimization technique because links are a signal to Google that your site is a quality resource worth of citation. It follows that with more backlinks, you earn higher rankings.

You can build links in a right or wrong way. Natural link building is the best way to build links if you are looking at the long term viability of your business or site. This is the process of earning links rather than buying them or getting them with manipulative tactics. Unfortunately, building natural backlinks is difficult and time consuming. Furthermore, not all links are created equal as a link from an authoritative website will have a greater impact on rankings unlike a link from a small or newly built website.

How to create backlinks

These are the strategies that you can use to get other sites to link to you:
a. Content creation and promotion
It is important that you create content that is compelling, unique and high quality. People will naturally want to reference and link, and tell people about such content. You also have to spread the word before you can expect anyone to find your content and link to it.

b. Reviews and mentions
You should put your product, service or site before influencers in your industry. These could be popular bloggers or people with a large social media following. Getting more reviews and mentions will increase your chances of getting more backlinks.

c. Links from friends and partners
You should ask people you know and those you work with to link to your site. Relevance matters and links from sites that are in the same general industry of niche as your site will have more value than links from random and unrelated sites.

d. Internal link building
This is an easy way to build links to the pages that you are attempting to improve the search engine rankings for. Internal link building is a method that you are in complete control of. A few things that you need to consider include:

  • The anchor text: the actual text a linking page uses to talk about your content
  • Quality of a linking page
  • Page the link is aimed at

    You can build internal links by following this steps:
    - Utilize keyword research tools so that you can get relevant and popular keyword suggestions - Assign keywords to content: strategically group your words by creating a search-friendly information architecture - Link pages using targeted anchor text: apply your keyword research to intelligent inter-linking by linking content using the keywords you have discovered.

    Link building is important. It is a major factor that Google uses to rank web pages. You can use these tools to increase your backlinks and make your site more authoritative.

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