What is a Website Tracker?

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What is a Website Tracker?

What is a website tracker?
A website tracker is a special link that tracks how well your website is performing
during your advertising campaigns. The tracker displays the amount of daily hits your website has received. It also displays the number of unique visitors, conversions, where those hits are coming from, and other special information.

A tracker is important for you to track your results and this means you can make modifications to your advertising campaigns depending on those results. An example would be, let's say, you are advertising on websites A, B, and C. Based on the tracker information you are receiving, you see you are getting better results from website B and C. Then, you might stop advertising on website A and concentrate all your efforts on websites B and C.

Where can I get a tracker?

There are a lot of website tracker providers out there. Some are free and some are paid. 1-1Hits.com provides a free tracker to all its members. Free and paid members can use up to 50 of them.

How to setup a website tracker.
Setting up a website tracker is easy. The website tracker provider gives you instructions how to do this. I'm going to give you instructions how to set it up here at 1-1Hits.com and this will give you a basic idea. If you are going to try it, you need to make sure you sign up and get a free account.

1. Get a free account at 1-1Hits.com
2. Click on "Rotator/Tracker" located on the left side menu.
3. Under "Tracker Name" enter a name for your tracker. Give your tracker a name that makes sense to you. Here is an example. If you are planning to advertise your website at Hits-Safari, then name your tracker "Hits Safari." This way, you will know where your hits are coming from.
4. Enter your website URL. This is the website you are advertising. If the website you will be advertising at hits Safari is 1-1hits.com, then you will enter the http://1-1hits.com URL under the URL box. You need to enter the full URl in order for the tracker to work properly.
5. Once you have given the name to your tracker and have entered your website URL, click on "Add." Once you click on "Add", the website will be checked to make sure there are no viruses or any other problems. This will take about 6 seconds and once you get the message "Page Passed Check" then click on "Confirm My Site" and you are done.

On the next screen, you will see your website on the left side. In this case it will be http://1-1hits.com. In the middle column titled "Tracker URL", you will see a link http://1-1hits.com/t/hitssafari. This is your tracker URL and you are ready to advertise your website using your tracker.

How to use your website tracker?
Now that you have your website tracker ready, you need to use it in your advertising campaigns at HitSafari.com. Please make sure you advertise your tracker and not the name of your website.

The name of my website in the example above is http://1-1hits.com. My website tracker is http://1-1hits.com/t/hitssafari. When you go to HitSafari, in the example above, you need to advertise your tracker and not your website. You have to be careful to do this correctly because if you advertise the wrong url, you will not see the results you are looking for.

You can also use your tracker when placing ads at a large website. Let's use Facebook as an example. You know Facebook is a social media platform and it attracts millions of people. You can place paid advertising there and if you are placing more than one ad for your website you can compare which ad is getting better results. This means you are going to need a tracker for each ad.

Please be sure to test your tracker before you advertise. What you can do is to copy the link of your tracker and past it on the browser. Once you hit enter, you see the website will display and the browser will now read, http://1-1hits.com using the example above. This means your tracker is ready to go.

Once you advertise your website, you can go to the tracker area and check your daily stats. If you notice in the trackers area, you are allowed to have up to 50 trackers.

Why do I need so many website trackers?
If you are going to advertise your tracker on different websites, you need a tracker for each one. If I'm going to advertise my website at website A, B, and C, I will need to create a tracker for each one of them and then I can compare my results.

I hope the information above has been helpful to you and if you need a website link tracker, be sure to get an account her at 1-1Hits.com to try it out. I also provide a link rotator for free to all members. Please read, "What is a website link rotator and why do I need one?" I will show you how to set it up and how to use it.

If you are looking for a way to make money online, I invite you to join us here at 1-1Hits.com. You can earn 30% as a free member when your referrals make ad pack purchases or when they upgrade. You can earn 100% commissions when your free members upgrade and when they make ad pack purchases. This include one time offers and other packages available to all members. The membership base is growing and lots of people are making purchases. I invite you to join us and, I advise you do to so because it is early in the game. The masses are yet to come and when they come, you will be well established.

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