What is a link rotator?

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What is a link rotator?

What is a link rotator?
A link rotator is simply a tool that rotates websites. It can be used to advertise
multiple websites, different landing pages, or different ads. People also use it as a team build tool. A team build is when people join a paid program and some of them form a group and work together to recruit others.

Where can I get a link rotator?
There are many websites that provide a link rotator; some are free and some are paid. If you get a free link rotator, chances are that when you use it to advertise your website, it will have a frame on top of your website displaying the website you got the rotator from. This means that besides advertising your website, you are also advertising the website that gave you the rotator. I provide a free link rotator at 1-1Hits.com which is my website. Free and paid members have the option to remove the frame on top.

Here is a of a link rotator I created so I can show it to you:

I named the rotator above, "myteam." The reason I named it was because I added 7 Gold members' referral URLs from 1-1Hits.com. When you click on the link above, the website 1-1Hits.com is going to show up. If you look at the browser, you will see that the rotator will appear there and not just http://1-1hits.com. If you refresh the browser you will see the website http://1-1hits.com will show up again. You can do these many times and the same website will continue to show over and over again. Why? This is because the rotator contains the 1-1Hits.com referral URLs. You can't tell by just looking at the website.

Here is a way how you can tell the website rotator is working.
Click on the link rotator above. Once you are on the page, click on "Signup." Scroll down and below the "Submit" button you will see. "Your referrer is..." The name of the referrer will be next to it. Now refresh your browser and then click on "Signup." And then go the bottom of the signup page and see who the referrer is. You will notice that the name is different. Refresh the browser again and repeat the steps again and each time you do this, the name will be different. That is the hard way to see the rotator at work.

The above method is used when teams work together. All the team members advertise the link above and that's how they help each other. Do you notice the frame on top? Since I own the rotator, I have the option to display the frame on top or not. At least 1 to 1 Hits gives me that option. If I leave the frame on top and I give my team members the rotator link and they start advertising the one person that has the most advantage is myself and here is why.

Go to the top right of the frame and see the words "Powered by 1-1Hits.com." "Click Here to get your own rotator." Click there and then go to "Signup." You will see my name as the referrer. Do this several times and you will see my name appears over and over. This is because I own the rotator and this means when people click there, I will be the referrer. If you are working as a team, it is best not to have the frame on top because everyone will get an equal chance of getting referrals instead of myself getting the advantage.

Here is another example using different websites:
I added different websites to the rotator above and I chose to leave the frame on top. This is because it will give me the chance to advertise 1-1Hits.com as well. Click on the link above and you will see every time you do this a different website will show up. This means the link rotator is working properly.

Here is a link rotator:

How to create a website link rotator
Creating a link rotator requires a few more steps than when creating a link tracker. It is still easy to create one.

Steps to creating a website link rotator.
1. Login to 1-1Hits.com and click on "Rotators/Trackers."
2. Click on "View/Manage Rotators"
3. Give your rotator a name; a name that makes sense to you.
4. Click on "Create rotator."
5. It is here where it gets tricky. You need to have websites in the tracker for you to add them to your rotator. So, click on "Trackers" located on the top menu and start adding your websites. You need one tracker per website. Note: If the link of the website starts with HTTPS make sure you enter only HTTP. HTTPS websites will not work when trying to add them to the tracker.
6. Once you are done adding your websites in the trackers area, click on, "Rotators."
7. In the "View/Manage Rotators", make sure your rotator name is showing. If you only have one, it will default to that one. If you have more than one, you need to select the right rotator by scrolling down the drop down menu. Once you select your rotator, click on, "View/Manage Rotators."
8. Click on "Add/Edit Websites"
9. A window will pop up. This window will have the links you added in the tracker area. Check each box with the links you want in the rotator. Keep in mind that if you are using more than one rotator with other websites, you are going to select only the websites for that rotator. Make sure you select the appropriate websites. Once you are done, scroll down the window with the links and click on "Update Rotator." Once you do this, the links you selected will show up below your rotator.
10. Scroll down and look at the "Show Top Rotator Frame" option. If you want a frame on top of your websites, then leave it checked. If not then, uncheck the box.
Now that you are all set go test your rotator to make sure it works the way you want.

Please get a free account here at 1-1Hits.com and get your free rotator and if you are looking to make extra money online, you can refer others and earn 30% from their purchases. If you would like to earn 100% commissions, then upgrade for at least $6 a month and this will qualify you to earn those commissions. If you want to make even more then consider upgrading to the higher membership levels. Hope to see you there and if you have any questions, please let me know.

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