What are Traffic Exchange Websites?

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What are Traffic Exchange Websites?

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What are Traffic Exchange Websites? - There are 2 types of traffic exchange websites. Manual traffic exchanges and auto surf traffic exchanges. In this article
we are going to discusses only manual traffic exchanges. They both work almost the same, but traffic exchanges are more effective.

Traffic exchange websites or manual traffic exchange websites are sites that drive traffic to marketers' websites. This is done by viewing other members' websites with a timer or counter within the surfing area. The more you surf, the more your website gets traffic.

The timer varies from website to website and it can be anywhere from 3 seconds and up to 60 seconds if not more. When the timer runs out, you need to click on a matching image in order to view the next website. On some websites, you need to answer a simple mathematical question in order to proceed. Some sites will make you stop surfing in the middle of your surfing session, and you will not be able to proceed until you answer a question. This is done to make sure you are human and not a bot cheating the system.

Earning credits:
In addition to earning credits during your surfing session, you can earn advertising credits by playing games or by finding letters to complete a word or a short sentence. Other ways you can earn free credits is by referring others.

Another way to get credits is to purchase them and this is for those who would like to save time.

The amount of credits earned depends on the type of membership level you join. On most websites, free members earn less than a credit per site viewed. Credits earned can range from .33 to .75 but, it all depends on the traffic exchange.

Let's say you join a traffic exchange website with a surfing ratio of .33 per website viewed with a 6 second timer. This means, you need to view 3 websites for you to receive 1 credit and it will take you about 18 seconds to earn this credit. It will take you about 30 minutes to earn 100 credits or about 5 hours to earn 1,000 credits. 100 credits are not enough because you will need thousands of credits to get the best results. 5 hours is a long time and you need to decide how valuable your time is. You can either spend between $5 to $10 to purchase 1000 credits or you can spend 5 hours surfing to earn those 1000 credits.

You can get more than 1000 credits for $10 at some websites.

You can save time by upgrading to any traffic exchange and get x amount of credits per month plus you can surf for 1:1 credit ratio. This can save you a lot of time.

You can also save money by upgrading to websites that have a 1:1 surfing ratio for free members. There are not many of them, but these websites can save you a lot of time and money in the short and the long run. Read this article where I posted these 5 websites.

1-1Hits.com is part of that list and yes, you earn 1 credit per site you view, and the surfing ratio is only 4 seconds. This way, you can earn thousands of credits in less time. I believe you can save up to 3 hours per 1000 credits earned as compared to other websites. Please check 1-1Hits and hope you can join our growing community.

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