What are E-books?

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What Are eBooks?

What are eBooks

What are E-books? E-books are becoming increasingly popular in today's society. As a matter of fact, a large reading
population has moved away from the traditional reading of printed books and are now reading more of e-books. But for others, the term e-book still remains vague and unanswered because they don't exactly understand the concept of e-books.

Simply defined, an e-book is a book in digital format that allows you to read on any device like your mobile phone, computer or tablet. Today, there are certain devices like kindle tablets which are specifically used for e-books only. There are different ways in which you can read an e-book which are:

- E-readers: these are specifically designed for reading e-books. The popular brands are kindle, nook and kobo
- Apps: you can also read e-books by downloading an app to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

But what happens if you still love print books? This is a sentiment shared by many readers. It is true that print books look, feel and smell wonderful. The good news is that you don't have to choose.

Here are some reasons why you should consider e-books:

1. They are good traveling companions
You have probably found yourself on a long journey where you were bored because you didn't have anything to do throughout the trip. Well, e-books are here to your rescue. You can easily travel with your e-book without the hassle of carrying extra luggage as would be needed with a print book. All you need is your phone and it is impossible that you would travel without your phone. E-books are baggage-free and can keep you engaged throughout your travel.

2. You can share them out
One of the disadvantages of sharing print books is that some people never tend to return borrowed books. On the other hand, e-books can easily be shared without you feeling like you have lost out on something. You can connect your device and share the digital file with anybody regardless of how far they are. You can also email the e-book to the interested party. Sharing does not affect your accessibility to the book.

3. They are easy to use
It is wonderful how e-books can be read by people who are living with arthritis, back pain or other mobility issues. All they do is turn pages at the click of a button. An e-book can be used by any individual who has a disability or limited movement.

4. They are customizable
With e-books, you can adjust font size and line spacing. This is good news for those who have to struggle with glasses and large-print books when reading print books.

5. They have in-book features
E-books allow you to make notes, highlight and bookmark pages for later. You can even click on a word you don't understand for instant definition. These are luxuries you don't enjoy with print books.

6. They are cost friendly
With frequent sales, you can find that an e-book costs between $1.99 and $3.99 while the same book would cost $15.99 in print. An e-book will save you a whole $14. As more and more people get into the e-book bandwagon, you should not be left out.

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