Video Marketing

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Video Marketing

Video marketing is the current buzz in the world of marketing today for several reasons. Products or services marketed
through videos have proven to sell more because everybody loves videos and want to see one.

Picture that you want to buy the newly launched iPhone 8, you visited the website of two phone retail sites. On one of the websites, you read some customer reviews, all in text format, and on the second website, you saw a video testimonial of a customer who bought the product talking about the good qualities of the phone in the video. A quick question, "where would you order your iPhone? From the first or second website?" We all know that you will order from the second website because that video testimonial alone is enough to tell you that it is a real human that's is behind the testimonial.

Another scenario, you want to sell your small house at the countryside, you visited the websites of two real estate firms. On one of the websites, you only read procedures the company would go through to help you sell your house, and on another website, you saw an explainer video detailing all the processes and steps you need to go through to sell your house. Again, your choice will be the second company. Yes, there is something about videos that attracts everyone, whether they are in the form of testimonials, how-to videos, videos from live events, viral (entertainment) videos, corporate training videos, explainer videos, etc.

From the scenarios painted above; it is easy to see that your customers will rather watch a video about your product than just read about it. So, if an interesting video will save them the stress of reading a large chunk of text, they will gladly go for it.

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Statistics also show that 78% of adults watch more than an hour of YouTube or Facebook videos a week. That's already a huge marketing potential waiting for you to tap. Not forgetting that a lot of people want to see more video marketing content from marketers. Besides these reasons, videos are shareable, meaning that people can help you share your videos with their followers, contacts, and friends on social media especially if they find it interesting.

In video marketing, you are simply using one stone to kill two birds, you are not only conveying the message of your product, but you are also entertaining the viewer. A shorter video will naturally convey more message than a corresponding text of similar length. As you already know, videos help in search engine optimization. Search engines are now increasingly picking up and ranking landing pages and other web pages that use videos to explain their services than those that make use of just plain text.

How to do video marketing

1. Tell a story instead of being salesy

Customers don't like it when you just jump in and try to sale them a product. If you do that in your video marketing, trust me, you will not record conversions with it. There are already many people on the internet trying to sell one thing or the other and customers generally find them annoying. Instead of trying to sell your customers your product, it is better you concentrate on the value you're going to provide them. The visual and audio elements available in a video make it possible for you to express emotions. Use it to appeal to your customers' hidden desires and needs.

2. The shorter, the better

If you turn your video into a seasonal movie, know that people will simply exit it after the first ten seconds; no matter how interesting you think the video is. So, instead of beating around the bush, go straight and hit the nail on the head right from the very first second of the video. If your video does not answer the "why should I watch it" question right from the beginning, then you should really re-strategize as the video will not achieve its intended purpose.

3. Make it interesting

One of the many reasons why people like to watch videos is to find an escape from the worries of life. Many persons are not happy in their jobs, some others have difficult families and spouses and these people are always looking for a way to escape the real world. Your video should help them meet this need. Creatively incorporate elements of humor in your video and watch how viral it goes and the amount of leads and conversions it generates for you.

4. Prove yourself with your videos

Customers like it when you show that you are an authority in your field. Nobody likes dealing with amateurs and one of the powerful ways that you can stamp your authority is through video marketing. Your video should serve to educate your customers about your product or teach them how to make use of it. You just need to showcase your industry knowledge and watch how customers will be willing to hear what you would want to say.

Cons of video marketing

No matter how sweet video marketing sounds to the ear, it still has its cons. Below are some of them.

1. Making videos takes time and money: just like writing copy, shooting, making, or editing a video is not an easy task and take a long time to get it right.

2. Viewing problems: getting the video to be compatible on different platforms can be a real pain in the back especially if you don't have enough technical know-how.

3. Letting the video load: some people are impatient or on a slow internet connection.

Despite these cons, video marketing remains one of the best ways to market and make your product go viral.

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