Joining A Team Build

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Joining A Team Build

Joining A Team Build

One of the advantages of joining a team build is that it will help you build strong relationships with others which will help you grow your business faster. This relationship is symbiotic because you too will help them with their business. For this reason, I have included a team build to our "How To Collect Subscribers" system so you can get that much needed extra help. The team build I have selected is FAFY. I'm currently working with them and it is working well.

Before you go to read the FAFY Team Build Page, you must upgrade at AIOP from the email that sent you to this page. In that email, there are quite a few AIOP links. Click on any of those links and register from there. Those URL links are links from a FAFY Team Build member. Those links are part of the "How to Collect Subscribers" system and you are receiving those emails from them. It is important they get the proper credit for their hard work.

Upgrading at AIOP from that email rather than upgrading from a link on this page, will ensure that every referral coming from our "How To Collect Subscribers system", will go to the right person. If this is not done correctly, people will lose their referrals; including you. Plus you will lose more. Keep reading...

If you have not upgraded at AIOP, please go read that email, click on an AIOP link, upgrade, and then return to this page. This is a critical step and you must do it correctly. The reason why you need to join now, is because the FAFY Team Build page requires you to join AIOP. This is their first step and if you click on their link and join from there, you will be joining a team member who is not part of our "How To Collect Subscribers" system. This will be a dead end for you. This also means you will end up advertising their team page only and you will not receive subscribers. You will be sending subscribers to their team build which you will never see.

The idea of our "How to Collect Subscribers" system is for you to continue to generate leads so you can make more sales with your other programs.


When you click on any of the links inside the email, the user name of your referral must match the one in that email when the URL shows in the browser. The referral in this case is Harz which is pointed by the red arrow in the image above. After you click on "Join" you will be taken to the join page and the user name must match the user name in the email as well. You can see it in the AIOP signup form pointed by the red arrow in the picture below. The name of your sponsor must also match.

AIOP signup form

Once you have joined AIOP from the email that sent you to this page, it is now time for you to visit the FAFY Team Page. Read their home page and become familiar with the rest of the pages. Click on their "JOIN TEAM" and follow their steps. If you have already joined AIOP following the instructions above, you have completed their first step which you can skip.

Click here to visit the FAFY team Page

On their Team Page, you will read that they will add you to their rotator and help you get up to 4 referrals. Once you get your 4 referrals, they will remove you from the rotator. Removing you from it, will not be the end of their help because your referrals will be getting their help as well which some of their referrals will go to you.

Below are the steps you need to take to join FAFY Team Build while you are on their team page:

TEam Build

Step 1: Join and upgrade at AIOP
Join AIOP - Skip this step as shown in red on the image above. Don't click on this link because you have already joined under a FAFY member. If you did not join, go back to read the email that sent you to this page. Again. You need to do this properly.

Step 2: Join Free Advertising For You.
You must join. It is free and you will not have to spend any money. In fact, the owner will give you free advertising credits but the main reason why you need to join "Free Advertising For You" is so the owner can add you to the rotator.

Step 3: Issue a support ticket.
"Issue a support ticket at the link below with the subject of "I joined the FAFY AIOP team!" Include your Name, AIOP Username and FAFY username in the body. I will get back to you within 48 hours as mentioned above. "Click on "Issue a support ticket here."

Make sure you send your ticket as instructed above. Someone from that team will contact you with further instructions and you will receive your team page. I recommend you advertise your team page on 2 to 3 traffic exchanges so you can start sending traffic to it. They will also advertise your page in their rotator.

Once you have completed the above, you need to be back and focus on completing your "How To Collect Subscribers" system. Like I mentioned in the email, you don't need to worry about advertising AIOP just yet. Only advertise your FAFY Team Build page on 2 to 3 traffic exchanges for now so you can qualify to be placed in the team rotator. You will have plenty of time to advertise FAFY and AIOP soon.

Once you are done with FAFY, please read the next email that will come from our email sequence and follow the instructions. The email after that, will show you how to set up your autoresponder properly. I'm giving you plenty of time in between so you can complete the signup process with the Team Build.

One question that you may ask is, "what if I'm already part of FAFY Team Build?" You can still get your "How to Collect Subscribers" system. Just let us know because there are more instructions to follow so you can set it up properly.

To our visitors who are not part of 1-1Hits or the "How to Collect Subscribers" system.
This article is part of a system that's showing our members "How To Collect Subscribers" while exploding their income at the same time. Please click here if you are interested and subscribe. We will send you emails that will show you how to build this system for free.

So you know, the link above belongs to a random member. This is another way for us to help them get subscribers. Hope to see you there.

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