Social Medial Marketing - Pros and Cons

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Social Media Marketing - Pros and Cons

Social Medial Marketing - Social media is unarguably a big place. While some people only visit
different social media platforms to do some of the basic things like sharing of pictures, videos, and other contents, there is more to social media than that. While the vast majority of people are using social media for frivolities, some others are using it as a marketing tool for their businesses and brands, and that's what social media marketing is.

Social media marketing involves the creation and sharing of content on social media networks to help you command user engagement so as to increase exposure for your business. So instead of just posting your vacation pictures to get some likes on Facebook, you could create a funny video that captures the goal of your business and use it to get more people to be aware of your business. I am not saying that content here only includes video, content could mean viral memes, as well as text updates.

Social media campaigns are all the coordinated activities you carry out on social media for the sole purpose of getting your business to many users on social media. Before you start any social media campaign, you need to first put your business's goal into consideration. With the goal of your business in mind, you would be able to create an effective strategy for your social media campaigns.

Below are some questions you need to answer to ensure that the campaign you want to run would be effective:

Who is my target audience? What's my goal for running this campaign? To pull traffic? Make sale? Etc. What social media network does my audience hang out the most? What message do I want to pass across with my campaign?

The type of your business is what should drive the strategy you employ for your social media advertising campaigns. For instance, if you have a consulting business that attends to several professionals, you could derive more value and create strong presence from the contents you share on LinkedIn or Twitter. In the same vein, if your business has more to do with creating visual appeal, Pinterest and Instagram would be your best bet.

What goals can you achieve using social media?

Below are some goals you can achieve with social media marketing especially if you do it well.

Increase traffic to your website - this is the number one goal of everybody doing social media advertising campaigns. If you pull a lot of traffic to your website, other things that could follow include sales, conversions, etc. Raise awareness for your brand.
Improving interaction and communication with your key audiences.

To achieve your goals with social media marketing, you need to have a large and engaged audience. No matter your strategy, if you don't have a large audience, it could be akin to a musician performing before an audience of two people. So, the first step to a perfect social media campaign is building a large audience. You could build a large audience by consistently creating engaging contents, but that would take time. A quicker method is to run social media advertisements to help you reach more targeted users.

Before starting a social media marketing campaign, you need to have tools to track your metrics. These metrics like the number of people that shared your post, the number of retweeted it got, and the number of people that commented on it are important to help you know if the campaign you are running is producing the intended results.

There are services such as Addictomatic, Social Mention, and HootSuite, etc. that you can integrate with your social media accounts to determine who is seeing your posts on social media and how these people seeing your posts are responding - are they liking, sharing, or retweeting? I have said that this knowledge will help you in a lot of ways - to know which strategy is working and the one that is not working.

Things you must integrate into your social media marketing campaigns

1. Action gate: don't just reel content out there and expect users to know what to do. It is your job to tell them what you want them to do. Do you want them to enter contests, provide reviews, take surveys, or join mailing lists? Communicate it to them with your content.

2. Provide incentives: people will more readily leave you with their information if they have something to gain. Incentives like free giveaways, discounts, and special price offers will entice people any day, anytime to leave you with their information.

3. Ensure you engage users: reply to comments and address critique quickly and reinforce positive interactions with personal attention.

4. Don't focus on one medium: even though your campaign could thrive better on one medium than the other, you still do not have to ignore the others. For instance, if your campaigns have pictorial elements that will obviously thrive better on Instagram and Pinterest, there could still be a place for the campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

5. Monitor your campaign: use the tools I talked about somewhere up there to monitor your campaign to see how it's performing. If your campaign is doing well, you improve on your strategies, and if it's not, you re-strategize.

Pros of social media marketing

1. It helps you build relationship: with the way you could interact with social media users through comments and replies, it is a wonderful way to build a closer affinity with your customers.

2. You meet your customers where they are: social media used to be a place for youngsters, but these days, both young and old make use of social media sites for various purposes. If you have a strong social media presence through social media marketing, you will be bringing your business closer to your customers.

3. Viral marketing: if you do your campaign rightly, your content, messages, and offers can become viral and spread among thousands of people within the twinkle of an eye. And the best part is that the job of spreading the content wouldn't even be your responsibility anymore as people can easily share social media content that they find interesting.

4. Low cost of entry: creating profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites is not only quick, but easy, and free.

5. Customer service: gone are the days when people prefer emails and phone as a medium of getting their questions answered. These days, they prefer social media engagements. If you have a strong social media presence, you will be answering the questions of your customers directly and fast without having them going through the much-hated process of sending emails. The truth is that most people hate sending emails.

Cons of social media marketing

1. Time-consuming: this is because you need to always be around to answer user questions, reply comments and reply messages, etc., and all these can be time-consuming. Besides, you also need to be consistent with the contents you post as consistency is everything in social media marketing.

2. Long time before ROI: it could take time before your efforts start resulting in sales and conversions.

3. Loss of control: anything you share on the public domain is no longer private, and it could get shared in places where you don't want it to get to. People, especially your competition can also comment really false and negative things on your content in a bid to gain a competitive edge over you.

In all, social media marketing is still an effective means of exposing your business and raking in sales.

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