Restoring Deleted Excel Documents

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Restoring Deleted Excel Documents

Restoring Deleted Excel Documents

Restoring Deleted Excel Documents - You are writing a document and cruising right along. You are updating your spreadsheets and you are happy with your work. You are so excited that all your work
is all up to date, you save it, and then go on your way to perform other activities. Later that day, you return to open one of your documents only to find out that it has been renamed with some weird numbers and for some odd reason you are unable to open it. No matter what you do, you just can't. It is panic time!

When you try to open your document, you get this message,

"Sorry. We couldn't find C:\Users\harzm\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\ is it possible it was removed or deleted?"

There is a little bit of information out there regarding this issue and I had to spend quite a bit of time trying to figure it out because not all information I got is crystal clear. I hope with the information below; I will help you fix your file recovery issues.

The image below shows the error message generated when you try to open your excel file.

Excel Documentsf

Follow the steps below to recover your Excel document using windows 10.

Step 1
Open an Excel blank document.

Note: If the images are too small for you to see what you need to do, pres on the control-key and then right click while hovering your mouse on the image. Then click "View Image." The image will open on a different window and it will be larger. The blue and the red marks on the images indicate the action you need to take.

Step 2
Go to the menu on the left side and click on "Options." It is located towards the bottom of the left menu.

Excel Documentsf

Step 3
Click on "Save" located on the left menu from the window that pops up.

Recovery Software

Step 4
After you click save above, you will see the image below. Next to the "AutoRecover File Location" which is the fifth line down, there is a field with a path file, next to it. It will look like: C:\Users\harzm\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\. This path file should be a little different in your case but don't worry about this.

Microsoft Excel Recovery

Step 5
Highlight that file path, copy it, and then paste it Microsoft Windows 10 search field at the bottom of your screen. The search field is next to the Microsoft logo. Paste that file path there and then hit enter.
Excel File restore

After you hit enter, a window with folders and files will pop up. These are your files from your computer. Now what you need to do is locate the file you need to retrieve.

Restoring Files in Excel

Hopefully you remember where that file or document is located at. Once you find it, click on it to open it. Another window will open but the Excel file behind it should have opened. Close the window that popped up and check to see if the file opened. If it did, you are in luck! Save that file either with the same name or use a different name. Your file should now be ready, and you can continue to work on it.

The process above should work for you because it worked for me. It may not work if you are using a different excel program but hopefully you will get some ideas and maybe you will be able to figure it out on your own. If you have a different Microsoft version, hopefully it will have the same file recovery features.

Most of my files were renamed by Excel and I got my share of practice recovering them.

The last piece of advice for you is to have a backup copy of your files and keep saving them whenever you make changes. It is frustrating when you have these kinds of issues and just can't figure out how to retrieve your hard work.

Hopefully the information above was helpful and saved you a lot of headaches.

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