New Private Messaging Feature at

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New Private Messaging Feature at 1-1Hits

New Private Messaging Feature To Help You Communicate Effectively With Your Downline

We have now added a Private Messaging feature at to give you perhaps better advertising power. This is a nice way for members to communicate with their downline. By using this feature, they can invite members to join their other programs and send them important notifications. If you transfer credits to members, for example, you can send those members a message letting them know that you are sending them those credits.

This tool will help you build rapport with your referrals but make sure you do not abuse it by spamming them because you will lose them and, that's the last thing you want to do. Once you establish a good relationship with them, you can ask them if it is okay for you to send them information about whatever program you have in mind. Please do not bombard them with offers so they won't get upset with you. By building strong relationships with your referrals, you will increase your sales but you have to be patient. Please use this tool responsibly.

Below is an image of the Private Messages page and you can find the link on the left side menu.

Private Messaging

As you can see on the image above, the Private Messages feature has the following options.

Inbox - here is where you will find the messages your sponsor has sent you.

Sent Messages - here you will see the list of messages you have sent to your downline. The messages show the dates you sent them, the username of the person you sent the message to, the status of your message, a read or unread status, the subject of your message, then the option to delete your message.

Trash - here you will find all your deleted messages. In this section, you will find the option to resend your message back to your inbox.

Compose - this is where you compose your messages that you will send to your referrals. You can select your referral user name by clicking on the drop down menu where it says ---Select a Referral --- and that's where you are going to see a list of all your referrals. You will need to select the one you want to send the message to. You can also type the referral name in the blank box on the right side. The next thing you need to do is enter your subject line and your message in the text. Then click send and that's all you need to do.

Things to know:

You cannot send your HTML messages because the system will not take it. You can only send text messages. You can still send a link but the recipients will need to copy that link and paste it in the browser.

The messages are going to go to your inbox only and not to your email account which I think is great. This means that every time you login, you need to click on the Private Messages link while you are in your 1-1Hits back office. That will be the only way to see if you have messages. Please get in the habit of checking your Private Messages because there may be something important you may not want to miss.

You can only send a message to one member at a time.

You can reply to your messages and also there is a "Report Spam" feature.

That's all there is to it. This feature is simple and user friendly and I believe you will have no trouble at all but if for some reason you do, please let us know. I hope this feature will help you increase your sales and build your business.

The next feature I'm working on at this moment is adding a Social Profile. This will give you more advertising power.

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