Payments to members and other updates

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Payments to members and other updates

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Payments to members and other updates


Payments to members - Payments for the April surfing contest have been sent. Congratulations to all the winners! Earned commissions were also sent to those members who had over $10 in their account.

If you want to win and make extra money, make sure to participate. I'm still going to continue this contest on a monthly basis for a long time and hopefully later, I will increase the winning rewards.

Thank you all for being valuable members at

Other important updates
One lead capture page is now available for you to collect your very own subscribers. Yes, 1-1Hits now provides this feature to its members because it is important for everyone to build a list. Remember, money is in the list! Click on the link below and sign up so you can see what it is you need to do in case you want to start getting your own subscribers and increase your income. Click here to visit our new lead capture page. If you have any suggestions lease be sure to let me know.

I'm in the process of creating 4 other lead capture pages and they will be available soon.

One of the requirements for you to use these lead capture pages is that you will need to be an upgraded member at to at least the $5 Club or have an active AIOP account under our team. This is to ensure everyone benefits from this.

When you sign up above you will get more details as to what it is you need to do to get a personalized lead capture page. Some members are starting to use theirs which you will see around at some point.

I'm still working on the details and requirements on "How to Collect Subscribers" which is the title of the email series you are going to receive. This means, I will be tweaking these emails and the requirements as we move along because I want to make sure everyone has easy access to the lead capture pages.

The $5 Cub is very popular and quite a few members are upgrading. I encourage you to upgrade to it and start advertising 1-1Hits like there is no tomorrow. I enjoy paying you commissions so get to it and earn some cash.

About 1-1Hits website rankings
Every time I send you an email, I will be posting it under the articles section because I need new content to help our website rank higher. I need at least a 500 words for these articles in order for them to be proper for SEO. Right now 1-1Hits is ranking at 91,418 which is not bad. At this point, this email has 426 words and this means I will be adding more wording to complete the article. This by the way brings me to a question. Keep on reading...

Do you have a website and need help on increasing Alexa traffic rankings? I am not an expert in this field but what I'm doing when it comes to SEO for this website, it is working. I can give you tips as to how to go about it. Now I have 501 words. This means the article is now complete.

Please look for these posts under articles which I will create a section for. Hope you can go and read some of them.

Have a great weekend and please stay safe. Protect yourself from contacting the Corona virus by keeping social distancing, wearing a mask when you are closer to others, staying home, and frequent hand washing.

P.S. The article is complete! This means that now I can go post it but I will wait a couple of days because I don't have time to do it right at the moment. This email/article endep up having 719 words which is great! See if you can identify what it is that makes it SEO friendly. When I post it, I will make a few changes to make it really friendly.

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