How to Make Money with Online Surveys

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How to Make Money with Online Surveys

How to Make Money with Online Surveys - While people are looking for bucks in the wrong places, they are assuming the obvious ways
of making money online through online surveys. Online surveys are a great way for anyone to increase some money into their bank account at their own time and with minimal effort. It is easy for a person to make money with surveys but the issue is the process of how to go about it. In order to be able to make money from top online surveys, there are three things that you must do:

1. You must become eligible to complete online surveys

It is important for you to be prepared because surveyors are looking for specific types of people and sometimes you might not qualify for all types of surveys. Once you register with a survey company, they will offer you screen surveys which don't pay. But this is an important step because the more demographic information the market research companies have on you, the more surveys they send you. Make sure you don't leave all your screener information blank because you will receive fewer survey opportunities. You will be matched with surveys that you can contribute to.

With this in place, keep regular tabs on the site and your email for survey opportunities. Some companies have more survey opportunities than others so the more companies you sign up with, the more surveys you will be able to complete.

You can even set an email alert systems such that any survey emails you receive make a noise when they arrive. When you have a number of surveys available, pick the ones that seem like the best use of your time. If you have enough time then you can do them all.

2. Find a legitimate survey site

There are many legitimate and illegitimate sites out there. The legitimate sites will definitely pay you for your time's worth but there are unscrupulous companies that will take advantage of unsuspecting people. So how do you avoid scammers?

  • Never pay up front for those companies that ask you to pay a small fee up-front in order to access survey lists. This is unnecessary
  • Make sure you get paid in cash and read the terms of conditions to understand the company's method of payment
  • Read the privacy policy at the bottom of a site's homepage to know who your information will be shared with
  • Check for age restrictions
  • Look for a minimum payment amount
  • Look for sites that have good ratings by finding a reputable survey-site aggregator like GetPaidSurveys or BigSpot. Don't trust self-posted reviews and testimonials by the survey sites

    3. Register with survey sites

    Have an email account dedicated for surveys only so that you keep junk mail from your normal inbox. Go ahead and register with legitimate companies where you will be required to provide basic information and your PayPal account information. Once you register, check your email to verify. Finally, add the site's email address to your address book to avoid your survey emails being marked as spam. With these steps, you are set to make some extra bucks from some of the best paid online surveys.

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