Online Advertising Methods

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Online Advertising Methods

Though many marketers and companies still make use of traditional offline advertising methods to drive customers to their websites,
there is now a high rise in the number of people that take advantage of online advertising methods as a more efficient way to drive customers to their websites. Types of these online ads include but not limited to display ads, pay per click ads, pop-ads, pay per call ads, etc.

While traditional offline advertising involves the placement of adverts on mediums like newspapers, magazines, billboards, physical banners, etc., online advertising includes the use of online mediums to generate website traffic and target and send marketing messages to the right audience.

While there are free ways of pulling traffic to your site which is the primary reason why people place online ads; online ads will help you fast track the process.

Types of online ads

As long you as you are ready to spend little cash on your business and willing to learn the basics, you're ready to check out some of the popular options for online ads that you can use for your online marketing.

1. Display advertising: These ad types also known simply as display ads are very popular, and there are 100% chances that you must have seen them before on websites unless you have some ad blockers. They are usually highly visual and rely on images and text copy to capture the interest of viewers. They are ads that appear on websites other than your own, and often come in the form of tastefully designed images with texts or flash video that website visitors can click and be taken to a corresponding landing page or website. One thing that make display ads very effective is the way they blend with existing contents of a web page and their use of cookies to tailor ads to specific individuals based on their interests, gender, age, and other demographics.

2. Banner Advertising: Web banner ads have been around for some time and are one of the most commonly used ad types on the internet. They usually consist of images or a flash video with accompanying texts describing the advertisement. These images or flash videos are embedded on web pages with a link that takes visitors to the advertisers' website. Web banner ads can be static or animated; static when it contains images only and dynamic when it is a flash video.

The above is an example of a banner ad.

3. Text ads: Text ads appear on the contents of web pages and emails. They use text-based hyperlinks that direct users to a landing page or website when clicked to create awareness for a product or service. It can be hard for people to differentiate between regular hyperlinks and a text ad within a page. Most times, you could have content created around your advertisement where you can call your product or service by name. This explains why text ads have high click through rates, even higher than banner ads.

4. Pop-up Advertising: Pop-up/pop-under ads: These two types of online advertisement (pop-up/pop-under) are the same with slight differences. They can both be classified as pop-ads. When pop-ads are triggered, usually by clicking them, a new window containing an ad is opened either above or below the one that a website visitor is currently viewing. For pop-ups, the new window is opened on top of the current one while for pop-under ads, the new window opens under the one being viewed. Pop-ads can either be placed on your website or the websites of other people.

Other types of online ads include video advertising, pay per impression/pay per click ads, news feed ads and so on.

Advantages of online ads

Despite the type of online ad you choose to use, the advantages are all the same. Below are some of these advantages.

1. You have the option of geo-targeting your ad: unlike traditional offline where you only have people within the location of your ad viewing it, you can target your online ads at different locations, genders, age, and other demographics. This is the more reason why online ads convert more.

2. You have a variety of ad types to choose: the wide variety of ad types that exist in online advertising offer you the chance to choose one that best suits your business. One type may be suitable for one business and not for another. This is a privilege not available with traditional offline ads as your options are limited.

3. You can control your expenses: with the option of ad types like pay per click ads and cost per impression ads, you can control the amount you spend on ads. Some methods like SEO don't even cost you money, just time and little efforts on your part and yet, you will still achieve almost the similar results with paid methods.

4. Interactivity: you can include surveys, videos and other fun, interactive activities in your ads through which you can use to engage your audience. Your audience can even share your ads (video advertising), have fun with it, and become ever more loyal to you. That's the joy of online ads. Cons

The internet is an open place; anybody can have access to your marketing materials once it is on the internet, regardless of the legal ramifications. Mischievous people can copy your images, trademarks, and logos, and can use it for commercial purposes or even to tarnish the image of your business.

People are also beginning to filter the emails that get to their inbox and block unwanted ads. This means that your ad may not find its way to the audience you want it to get to.

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