Meaning of SEO - Best SEO Strategies

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Meaning of SEO - Best SEO Strategies

Meaning of SEO - Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is a great way to help increase your website traffic rankings. The higher your website ranks, the more people will be able to find it while using search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Big.

Search Engine Optimization techiques can be complicated but once you learn some of the SEO techniques and apply them to your website correctly, your traffic rankings will increase over time. You need to make sure your skills play by the rules because if you deviate from them your website rankings will suffer tremendously. If you do it correctly, it will be an amazing way of sending organic traffic to your website.

Two of the best SEO strategies are link building and article writing. Visit the Most Common Search Engine Optimization Techniques article to get more information.

Article writing at first seemed like a monumental task for me. Here is why:
Content - I know there is lots of content out there but most of it is outdated and old. Some of it doesn't even apply to the present. Anyway, what I did was to hire freelancing services at Fiverr and I paid $5 for some articles and up to $50 for longer ones. In order to save some money, I started writing my own articles.

Language barrier - English is my second language and I struggle to write and coming up with the right wording is difficult. Even though this is a barrier for me, I decided to just go for it and start writing. I just hope people are understanding and not punish me for it. I find that the more I write the better I become. Grammarly and Google documents have helped tremendously so, I encourage you to use them as well.

A perfect example of SEO at work is my website. For quite a few years it ranked over 2 million then finally, I decided to do some research on SEO. Based on the information I learned, I started writing short articles of 500 words or more. I learned how to use the keywords properly and where to put them. As of this writing, my website sits at 110,324 which is excellent ranking. Take a look at the articles I have posted so far on this website. They have made a big difference.

A shortcut to SEO will be to pay someone to do it for you but it can be expensive. You have to be careful who you choose to prevent being ripped off. Make sure you do your due diligence before hiring someone.

Coming up with ideas for content is tough at times. But what you can do is go to social bookmarking websites like Quora and read some of the content. Lots of people are asking questions there and you can give them answers. In fact, I just joined Quora and this article comes from an answer I gave to someone.

Social Bookmarking Websites

Please do not copy and paste these articles on your website because you will be penalized from search engines. This is because you will be using duplicate content and this is a big no no. What the search engines want is fresh content and that's what helps websites rank higher. Fresh content to search engines is like giving candy to a child.

This brings me up to link building which is another SEO technique as mentioned above. I am starting to look into link building and that's the reason I joined Quora. Posting information on bookmarking websites with your link embeded on it is a good way of getting back links. Just make sure your posts are helpful and that they are over 100 words long.

You need to be careful as to what kind of pages you add to your website because it can affect your traffic rankings. If you go to Alexa and see the graphic at the bottom, you will see that my website rankings were going in the right direction and suddenly they started going in the wrong direction. See image below. I could not figure out why this was happening. Then it dawned to me that I had created a lead capture page which was tied with other pages like the comfirmation page, the thank you page, the products page, Etc. These pages were not well optimized and I didn't realize I needed to add a nofollow tag. The search engines were indexing those pages and they penalized me. Once I added the nofollow tags to those pages, my rankings started turning around.

Alexa Traffic Rankings

Using the nofollow tag in a link is telling the search engines not to follow that link. What you are practically telling the search engines is to close the door on that link and the bots will stay away from it. These are little tricks you learn as you go and catching your mistakes on time makes the difference.

One other thing I need to tell you is that if you are going to post articles on your website, you need to know basic HTML. I still don't know a whole lot but I learn as I go. Every time I encounter something new, I look it up on websites that provide HTML lessons. If you need to hyperlink an image for example, I do a search on, "How to hyperlink and image on HTML." Then I follow the instructions. After using those infructions requently, you memorize them and after a while, you don't have to look them up.

It is very easy to learn HTML and I use only what I need like the example above. What makes it easier is that you can copy the code and then change it to what it applies to your website.

If you own a website and it is ranking poorly, you may want to try writing articles but learn as much as you can about article writing and SEO.

One other thing you need need to do is to learn about keyword search and for that, you need a keyword search tool. This is so you can get the best keywords. This is because your pages will be ranked higher on search engines. There are a lot of keyword search tools out there but they cost money. Some of them have free features but they are limited. The one I use is from SBI and it is an excellent tool. It gives you the number of websites a particular keyword is being used and the amount of searches that are being done ever month. It also tells you as to whether that particular keyword is good or bad.

Keyword Searh Tool

The main purpose of Keyword research is to "find out the average monthly search volume on particular keywords. From the SEO perspective, it is important to focus on the high volume searching keywords, as it helps to bring the page easily at the search engine's top pages."

Best Divider Image

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