What is a Manual Traffic Exchange?

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What is a Manual Traffic Exchange?
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What is a Manual Traffic Exchange? If you have attempted to do internet advertisement, then you have probably been bombarded by all kinds of marketing tools, programs or sites which
try to encourage you that their service is the simplest at getting your website exposed. You would then have to try to do by trial and error and end up spending a lot of money on web promotion. Fortunately, there is a simple and cheap way to develop web marketing while not having to purchase web traffic, joining a traffic exchange.

A traffic exchange is a network of website or blog owners where members increase traffic to their website by driving traffic to the websites of other members. Generally, traffic exchanges work under agreements that prescribe the required activities for participation. There are automatic and manual traffic exchanges.

Traffic exchange websites (manual surfing websites)
Manual surfing may sound tedious and time intensive but free traffic has never been simple. Traffic exchange websites are great for branding and establishing a website's name and reputation. They also help to increase traffic to your own affiliate program or webpage.

When working with manual surfing, a user is required to visit each site by clicking on the site, waiting for the required amount of time and then moving on to the next site to repeat the process. The traffic exchange network will provide a timer or counter which can monitor the time spent on a given site.

How to use Manual traffic exchange sites

1. Design a captivating and persuasive splash page which you can rotate and promote on the free traffic exchange. After creating it, save it on your host or server or a free web hosting site. You should also save the URL for the splash page in an accessible place where you will use it in whatever traffic exchanges you join.

2. Do a search for traffic exchange and select the very top ones in your search. Among the several choices which you can join. Join those traffic exchanges with additional features and other goodies because they will greatly profit your website.

3. Register as a free user. Test if there is any validation code emailed to you so that you can validate and activate your membership.

4. Surf around your member's page and read the updates, rules, information, and program particulars.

5. Most of the traffic exchanges will conjointly offer you different advertisement choices like banners, text ads etc. which you can use to complement your webpage rotations at the surf page.

6. Go to the surf page and surf the ads or webpages of other users

7. Allocate new credits to your site so as to keep it on rotation and displaying to other users.

Manual traffic exchanges will drive traffic indiscriminately to your website but there is no guarantee that increased traffic will translate into increased sales. Nevertheless, manual traffic exchanges is an inexpensive way to market your website.

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