How to Make Money Selling EBooks

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How to Make Money Selling eBooks

Make Money Selling eBooks

How to Make Money Selling EBooks - Most people have never considered the possibility of making money from
selling eBooks yet this is quite profitable. You can easily earn an online income by selling eBooks. People prefer ebooks to paperback form because they are quite good to read. It is highly likely that you have bought or downloaded an ebook before. There are ebooks for literally any topic of interest. So it is quite easy to sell ebooks online and make some money.

Some reasons for writing and selling ebooks online include:
- you own the ebook you create and sell and you get to keep 100% of the profits
- you have no barriers to publishing and selling
- you can get a constant income if you are selling a good ebook
- it makes you look like an expert and it is a great way to build your credibility and authority in a given field
- it helps you fill the knowledge gap and help people

Here is how you go about writing and selling ebooks

a. Create your ebook
This is the first step. You must first create an ebook by following this process:

- Decide on your topic and the topic should resonate with people. Think of unique and interesting experiences that you can draw from. A market research is important to find out if there are any existing competitors with similar ebooks.

- Once you have a topic, it is time to write it. Keep away from fancy and superfluous language when writing your ebook. Stick to simple and clear language that people can easily follow. No special software is required. Microsoft Word is sufficient.

- Come up with a title that captures the essence of your book. Make it specific and attractive.

- Format your ebook so that it is easy to read. You should use clear fonts and organize your information in well-spaced paragraphs. Use headings and sub-headings as this makes reading much easier. where you are using images, use good quality images.

- Proofread your ebook and scan for any spelling or grammatical errors. Some word processors will automatically highlight mistakes but a manual check is important to discover things that the software cannot pick up.

- Once you are done with the inside, it is time to design a cover which is attractive, easy to read and looks professional. A professional look convinces consumers that your ebook is high quality. first impressions matter.

b. Put your ebook out there

Once your ebook is done and it's time to put it out there, you can use some of the popular platforms to sell your book. These platforms are:

- Amazon, which is the most popular platform.

- Payhip, a popular ecommerce platform for selling digital products.

- E-Junkie, popular for ebook sellers.

- ClickBank, a popular online retailer that sells only digital products.

- Fiverr, great for beginners is selling ebooks online.

- Gumroad, a great ecommerce platform for beginners.

- Google play.

- Your website or blog if you have one.

Today, it is quite easy to write and sell ebooks online in order to generate extra income. As long as you have something people want to read about, you can always make money from selling ebooks online. Making money with ebooks doesn't have to be difficult. If you don't like to write or don't know how to write then, pay someone to write for you. Just keep writting so you can build your own online ebooks library.

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