Make Money Now With Our Income Explosion Plan

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Make Money Now With Our $25 Club

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Make Money Now With Our $25 Club

I see a lot of people who are spending a lot of money because they want to make money now but they just continue to struggle. I just created the $25 Club to give our 1-1Hits members the chance to generate a good income this year and beyond. Many people desperately need a great source of income and we are going to give them just that. With this plan, you can explode your income in no time.

This is how it works

The cost to upgrade is $60 a month. Once you upgrade, you will qualify to start receiving $25 commissions from your referrals and $25 commissions from their referrals.

You can make a lot of money with our $25 Club.

Let's say you get...
2 upgrades and each of them gets 2 = 6 members which = $150 a month.
3 upgrades and each of them gets 3 = 12 members which = $300 a month.
4 upgrades and each of them gets 4 = 20 members which = $500 a month.
5 upgrades and each of them gets 5 = 30 members which = $750 a month.
6 upgrades and each of them gets 6 = 42 members which = $1050 a month.

What if your referrals get a lot more referrals than the above? You can make thousands a month!

Once you start seeing an increase in your income, you will get motivated even more and all you are going to want to do is find more referrals. The potential is huge!

It's all about making money.

Even though it's all about making money, you will be purchasing 10,000 advertising credits, 10,000 468x60 banners, 10,000 125 x 125 square banners, and 10,000 text ad credits each month.

With the $60 for your $25 Club membership, members will receive a total of $50. The other $10 admin will set aside some cash to help upgraded members advertise their referral URLs and help them get referrals.

I believe that spending more money will be the only way for members to generate a decent income.

The $5 club works because people are getting $5 monthly payments from their members but that's not enough. It will take a long time for them to make a decent income.

Strategy to make the $25 Club a success

Your goal will be to get at least 2 upgrades and their goal will be to get 2 upgrades and so on. Once you get 2 upgrades, you can advertise your referral url and their referral urls in the rotator so they can get sign ups. This will benefit you because once they upgrade, you will be earning $25 from them. Once you see they have at least 2 referrals then you can work on getting more upgrades on your own and help them out as well.

The infographic below shows you key steps to success: (Right click on the image and then click on View Image to see a larger version for easier reading. Then click the back button to return to this page.)

Key Steps To Success

In the meantime, admin will be advertising a rotator with the referral links of those who need their 2. Once they have 2 referrals, they will be removed from the rotator and add the new ones coming in.

Admin will also be sending emails to those who have opted in encouraging them to sign up and upgrade. Those who are interested, will be given a link of those who need signups.

Admin will also send emails regularly encouraging your sign ups to upgrade. Once we see a few people who are making an income using this system, the user names with their income may be posted and updated regularly so people can get motivated when they see the growing list.

Since this idea is brand new for us please send me your suggestions so we can improve it and make it successful.

I will be spending money on advertising so we can help some of our members' dreams become a reality. Please keep an open mind and stay positive. I will also ask you to be patient and put forth some work until you get your 2 referrals.

If you are ready to be part of the $25 Club, please click here, get an account here at 1-1Hits, and then upgrade. The page that you are going to land belongs to a $25 Club member who needs 1 or 2 signups. The $25 Club members' referral URLs are placed in a rotator so we can help them find their 2 upgraded referrals. Once you upgrade, we will do the same for you. If you are already a 1-1Hits member, you don't need to get another account. Just login an upgrade.

How to upgrade?
Login to your 1-1Hits back office or create an account.
once you are logged in, click on the link that says "Upgrade" located on the left side menu. Scroll down until you find it. On the upgrade page, the $25 Club will be located at the very top. Click on the PayPal payment button and make your payment.

After you have upgraded, you need to contact your 1-1Hits sponsor so he/she can help you advertise your referral URL. Your sponsor should be contacting you as well.

Have lack of motivation? Read the infographic below.

Reclaiming You Motivation

Our main payment processor is PayPal but we can make arrangements to receive payments from other processors including coin payments and Skrill. If you don't have an account with them please be sure to get one. We can also make other payment arrangements including direct deposits to our bank account or you can send a check or money order (United States Residents only). We will keep track of these payments on an excel file to make sure your sponsor gets credit for their commissions.

If you don't have Coin Payments, click here to get an account.

If you have a downline here at 1-1Hits, you might want to consider upgrading before they do. Who knows, some of them may upgrade before you do.

We know life is difficult at this time and we are going to make the most to help you succeed in this venture.

Reprogramming Your MInd For Success

If you don't want to be part of this, that's okay. You can upgrade to another membership level and earn an income from there. The $25 Club was created for those who really, really want to increase their income this year and beyond. One of the main benefits of joining this club is that admin and your sponsor will be helping you find your 2 referrals.

Important Notes: Once you make your purchase, please know that there are are no refunds. This is because commissions are given automatically to your sponsor.

Admin fees apply to all transactions. Generally, admin charges 5% from all transactions but for the $25 Club, admin will charge about 2.6 or 2.7%. These charges are to cover processing and merchant fees. These fees will be already deducted from each payment you receive. This will save you about a $1.40 from each transaction.

Disclaimer: I cannot tell you or guarantee you will make x amount of money, no one can, but I can assure you that you can make a decent amount of money if you apply yourself. While your upline and admin will be helping you in your advertising efforts, do not rely on others to do the work for you. You must rely on yourself and soon, you will reap the fruits of your labor. Let's get to work and make this a successful year!

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