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Your Lead Capture Page at

Green Leaf TE

Your very own lead capture page

You can now use your very own lead capture page at so you can collect your own subscribers. This my friend, will give you the edge over most people who are advertising at traffic exchanges, other advertising sites, and other money making programs.

If you would like to get your very own lead capture page, there are a few simple requirements you must meet.

  • You must be a member. It is recommended that you upgrade (Not required) to at least the $5 program.

  • You must be upgraded at AIOP.
    This is so you can collect your own subscribers. Having your own autoresponder services is the only way to collect subscribers unless you have your own membership site. This means that not having your own autoresponder, this lead generation system will not work for you. You still can advertise the lead capture page if you like but it is not recommended because the leads will go to instead of you. I prefer for them to go to you.

    In order to qualify for the lead capture page and if you are a free member at you must be upgraded at AIOP under our team. Otherwise you need to upgrade to at least the $5 program at 1-1Hits.

    You must meet the requirements above because if you are really serious about making an extra income from home, this should not be a problem for you.

    Here are your monthly expenses:
    AIOP monthly payment = $11.50
    The Five Dollar Program = $5 a month.

    Your total monthly expenses are going to be $11.50 or $16.50 which is affordable for most people.

    If you are already an AIOP member and are not doing good, you might one to cancel that account and join under our team, This is because you are going to be working under a team build which is a great advantage.

    If you don't have cash, you can start advertising 1-1Hits so you can bring subscribers and start earning 30% commissions from their purchases then you can upgrade later.

    How to get your personalized lead capture page.

    Once you meet the 2 requirements above, you must submit the following:
    Your full name and your 1-1Hits username.
    Your AIOPuser name and your form code.

    Yes, you need to create a form at AIOP because I will need that code so I can put it in your own lead capture page.

    Before trying to get your own lead capture page, I recommend for you to sign up so you can get the follow up email series and read about what it is you need to do. There are a few other steps involved plus other important information so you can do this properly.

    Click here to sign up to receive your follow up email series.

    I am currently working on getting 3 other lead capture pages. When they come, you need to let me know which one you want so I can personalize it for you.

    The plan is to put members, those who are using these pages, in a rotator to increase their chances of getting sign ups at both 1-1Hits and at AIOP.

    If you decide not to have your own lead capture system here at 1-1Hits, I still recommend for you to find a way to get one for yourself because it will make a difference for you in the long run. It is not easy but with persistence and tweaking your system until it works, nothing can stop you from success.

    I continue to work hard trying to find ways for the 1-1Hits members to increase their income and this is another way for them to do it.

    I will also continue to improve this lead capture system. My goal is to have it automated and later on I will have everything written professionally. Hope you can stick around to see all there is to come here at

    If you just happen to visit this page and are not a 1-1Hits member and are looking for a way to make money online, please follow the instructions below.

    Click here and sign up so you can get instructions when you receive our email follow up series.

    Click here to join 1-1Hits and upgrade to any of the different membership levels. The cheapest one is the Five Dollar Club where you can receive $5 a month from your upgraded referrals.

    Click Here to Join AIOP. This is where you are getting your autoresponder services and you will receive $10 a month from every qualified upgraded member in your downline. Please be sure the user name on the signup page is harz. No other letters. This will ensure to get your system setup.

    Once you do the above please set up your autoresponder and send us the autoresponder form code so we can personalize your lead capture page.

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