Internet Banner Advertising | How to Use Them

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Internet Banner Advertising | How to Use Them

Internet Banner Advertising

Internet Banner Advertising has captured every single corner of the world and it has become a large help in Internet marketing
saving advertisers large amounts of money. Even though, banner advertising has been around since the beginning of the Internet, this method of advertising is still being used today and some claim that it is still effective. There are some estimates out there that say 75 to 85% of all paid traffic is coming from banner advertising. True or not, banner advertising is very popular nowadays.

One important aspect of banner ads is that they are highly targeted because they show exactly what the ads are about. This means that when a visitor clicks on your banner, it is likely this visitor is highly targeted, and chances are he or she will act in one way or another. This person could make a purchase or could join your list.

Banner advertising is cheap, and they are easy to set up. This means you can get a lot of impressions for less money than using other advertising methods and your banners will de displayed in a lot of places. This makes your cheap banner advertisement effective because you are going to get a lot of eyeballs on your brand.

Just make sure you capture your target audience but making the tittle in your banner attractive. Meaning it needs to be believable, enticing, raise curiosity and be able to convince your audience that your product or service you are offering is the best.

Make sure to present your internet-based banner advertising to the global community repeatedly so people can become familiar with your brand and services. Once they begin to see your banner over and over, they will begin to trust you and will eventually decide to look at whatever it is you are offering. Just make sure you use bright colors in your banners, and you may want to try different sizes with different colors, graphics (animated vs non animated) and sales copy.

There are quite a few banner sizes being used today, but some are more popular and more effective than others.

Here is a list of the ones recommended by experts who claim are the most effective:

1. 300x250 - this a medium size rectangle banner. This banner can be used in the middle or at the end of an article or blog post.

2. 468x60 - this is a rectangle banner and it is very popular. This is one of the most common banners seen everywhere.

3. 728x90 - This a leader board banner and it can be placed at the top or some where in an article or blog post.

4. 336x280 - This is a large rectangle banner and it can be placed inside or at the end of an article or blog post.

5. 300x600 - this banner is called a half page ad and it can be placed on the left or right-hand side of the website.

There are also a lot of banner advertising websites out there. This means looking for the best prices could be a challenge. Over all, this way of advertising will help save you money.

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