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Importance of Mobile Advertising - Pros and Cons

The earliest known form of mobile advertising was done through text messages, but that has since given way to mobile web
and in-app advertisements. Many apps that you can download at no cost generate revenue by placing mobile ads at strategic locations on the app's interface. Such advertisements can be removed by purchasing a premium or a full version of the app.

With the high rate of mobile penetration in the world, mobile advertising has become a viable means for businesses to preach the message of their brands and get to more people.

With these types of ads, your advertisements are placed on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc. They can take the form of banner ads, text ads, or display ads that appear embedded in mobile games, downloadable apps, or mobile websites.

Mobile ads are usually tailored for each mobile user based on their geographical location, web browsing history, and with data collected by their shopping habits and interests. This means that some mobile ads will only display once a mobile user is near a particular geographical location or is in close proximity to a certain spot.

Because of the smaller screen sizes of mobile devices; mobile advertisements are usually concise and optimized for small displays. The banners and texts are made to be responsive to fit gracefully on mobile screens, such that users don't have to scroll horizontally across the screen to view full ads.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile ads

With the wide usage and acceptance that mobile devices have gained, it shouldn't be hard figuring that mobile ads have many advantages. In fact, the strength of the medium itself is plain for all to see. As tablets and smartphones become an increasingly integral part our existence, a higher degree of accessibility is created, along with substantial opportunities for customizing advertisements.

Mobile ads also offers real-time interaction. This means that mobile users can interact as well as react to advertisements over their smartphones with no media interruption. Not forgetting that mobile ads are also relatively cheap.

Despite these known benefits of this type of advertising, it still has its downsides. One is that users can become easily irritated with the ads because of intensive use of the ad mediums. Mobile devices which are the mediums that carry these ads are parts of our everyday lives. Now, if one keeps seeing a particular ad every day, it won't be long before he starts getting irritated by the ad. The small screens of the mobile devices that show these ads is also another disadvantage. This limitation of screen size also has an influence on the ad's design. You can't use large images or large fonts to create ads that will be displayed on small screens. So, for advertisers to come up with an ad that will really capture the interests of the viewers, they have to think more creatively.

Despite these disadvantages, the advantages of mobile advertising still far outweigh the disadvantages and advertisers should take advantage of the high proliferation of mobile devices to reach more customers.

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