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How To Use

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How To Use

How To Use i-responder - I have created this page to show you how each section of your back office at i-responder works. It is important that you browse each section and become familiar with each one of them. This will make things easier for you when you are ready to create your first real autoresponder campaign.

This is the members' main home page. This is where you will find important information about our services. Every time there is a new development, it will be posted here or you will be directed to go read about it elsewhere. Please try to check this area every time you login for possible new information..

When you get to the Dashboard, you will see 2 menus; one on the left side and one at the top. The top menu has the following links: Home, Advertise, FAQ's, Contact Us, Dashboard, Login. While you are in the members area, the Dashboard will bring you to the home page inside the members page (on the outside menu, the Dashboard will be Logging). The Logout link is the Signup link in the main home page (the index page; not the members area home page).

The links on the left side menu are listed below and I will do my best to explain section works.

Admin Settings
Template Manager
Message History
Autoresponder Messages
Upgrade Account
Ads & Banners
Earning Stats

This is where you create all your autoresponders and when you create them, you will see them on this page. You will also see the stats for each autoresponder you created.

How to use i-responder

When you create an autoresponder, it will have the following links: View Autoresponders, Change Template, Settings, HTML Code, Delete Autoresponder.

Creating your first autoresponder
Enter the name of your autoresponder. This can be a name related to your campaign. If you are going to teach someone how to collect subscribers then the name of your autoresponder should be, On the next page you will see, "Autoresponder successfully created."
Click Here to Pick a Template for your Autoresponder Page. Click on Click Here.

Once you do that, you will be taken to the area where all the templates live. Place a mark on the radio button next to the one you like and then hit "Update Template." After you do that, click on "Autoreponders" on the left side menu. On that page, you can click on "View Autoresponder" to view the autoresponder you just selected. If you don't like that one, you can click on "Change Template" and select another one. Do this until you find one that you like.

Click on "Settings" and this will take you to the "Admin Settings" area. This is where you are going to set up your autoresponder. Site Name, Tittle, Short Description, Keywords, Admin Email Address are self explanatory. The information in those areas should relate with the autoresponder name you gave it when you created it.

Number of days. You can put 0 if you want your first email to be delivered the same day.

Do you want your autoresponder to be double opt-in or single opt-in? Double Optin

Top disclaimer that will automatically be added to the top of the autoresponder messages? Leave it the way it is.

Mailer Type: You can use either. I used PHP Mailer

The Next 4 fields are only for those who are using SMTP mailers.

Confirmation Email: you can leave it the way it is.

Do you want a welcome email to go out when someone confirms the email account by clicking on the verification link? Yesy or no.

Home Page:
If you want to create a lead capture form from scratch, you do it right here. To do this, you need to select the template that says "Blank." If you want to use one of our templates, just leave the {subscribeform} code the way it is. Remove other wording if you don't want to show it on your lead capture form.
{confirmurl} for the confirmation url
{name} for Name of the member
{email} for the Email Address of the member
{ip} for the IP Address of the member
{sitename} for your autoresponder name
{siteurl} for your autoresponder url

If you use the codes above, they will show on the Lead capture page you create

The Confirmation Page, the thank you page, and the unsubscribe page are self explanatory. You can still use html on these pages and modify them however you like.

The template managers, Subscribers, Email Subscribers will simply show you the associated information.

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