How to use credits at traffic exchanges

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How to Use Credits at Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges

How to use credits at traffic exchanges - There are many traffic exchanges out there and
they use different types of scripts. This means the layout and the features are going to be slightly different.

Those who are new to traffic exchanges often run into issues that are simple to solve but it can take a little bit of time to solve them if you don't know what you are doing.

If you are new to this type of advertising, I will show you how to use your advertising credits that you have available in your back office. Just keep in mind that some websites have the menu on the left side and others have the menu on the top.

All the information I'm going to give you below is assuming you are logged in to your traffic exchange website account.

How do I know how many credits I have in my account?
If you are on a website that has the menu located on the left side, click "sites" and that will take you to "My Sites" Page. Right below it, it says, "You have X amount of credits." That's the amount of credits you have available and these can be used to advertise your website. If you have 0 credits, this means you need to start surfing so you can earn some.

To start surfing, you need to make sure you add your website/s you are going to advertise.

On that page, "My Sites", there is a section that says, "Add Your Site annually." In the first field where it says. "Site name" just give it a name. Any name will be okay. In the field that has http:// enter your website. You can do this by copying and pasting the URL. Make sure you delete http:// before pasting it to avoid having http:// twice. If this happens, your URL will not work.

Once you have entered the information on both fields, click on "Add." After you click on "Add", your site will be checked to see if it has any viruses, frames, or other issues. If your website passed the check then click on "Confirm My Site." This will take you back to my sites.

If your site didn't pass, then use a different URL until it passes. There are a lot of websites out there that are harmful. Some have frames and interrupt surfing sessions which can be annoying. This is the reason all websites are checked but some bad ones still manage to go through.

At this point, you are not ready to surf just yet. There is one more little step you need to take before you can surf. Go to the menu and click on, "Auto Assign." You can assign at least the minimum percentage required by the traffic exchange. This can be anywhere between 0 to 100%. This means that the percentage of the credits earned while you surf will be automatically assigned to the website you are advertising.

If the required percentage is 50, for example, then, add 50 next to your website. In fact, you can enter any percent over 50 but not below that number. If you enter a number below 50, you will not be able to surf.

If you are advertising 2 websites, you can auto assign 25% to each website or you can add 50% to one and leave the other at 0. The website at 0% will not receive any credits automatically until you add credits to it manually. Play with the numbers and become familiar with this feature.

To advertise your banners and text ads, it is the same process described above. It is important you use the three different advertising methods for maximum exposure.

Will I lose the credits if I delete a website that already has credits assigned?
The answer is no. You will not lose those credits if you delete your website. The credits will be added automatically to your total amount of credits you already have. To make sure this is true, here is what you need to do before deleting the website.

Write down the amount of credits you have available.
Write down the amount of credits assigned the website you want to delete.
Delete thewebsite and then add both numbers.
Check your numbers and see if they match.

Once you have your website activated and the credits are auto assigned, you are ready to start surfing. Surfing is fun but it can take a long time to earn a good amount of credits. You need to make sure you surf effectively so you can save time while earning the most amounts of credits.

The credits you are awarded from games are not auto assigned. They go to your total amount of credits.

Recent issue:
One of the members had 111 credits and when he tried to add them to one of his websites and nothing happened. For some reason, they were not being added. He emailed me for help and I tried to add them for him and I had the same issue. It seemed that feature was not working because I added 2 more websites to his account to play with it and tried to add those credits to them to no avail. Finally, I decided to add 110 credits and they were added without any problems.

Issue solved:
When I checked his total amount of credits in the admin back office, they showed as 110.996 and in his account they showed as 111. So, if you run into an issue similar to this one, you now know what to do.

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