How to make money online

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How to make money online

How to make money online - Have you ever envied your college classmates who make extra money online while you have to survive
with your pocket money? Everyone knows it does not feel good at all when you see people working on our same level maintain a higher standard of living.

You might have also been trying to earn money online but failing at it has disheartened you. The reason behind can be the lack of basic know-how and not recognizing frauds. Today we will discuss this topic to help you out in taking a fresh start after which you can also make money on the internet.

Why online?

It is simply because the work is more energy draining and cost-ineffective than online work. Working remotely saves you traveling time, traveling cost, physical energy, costly equipment. Moreover, you can work anytime and anywhere you like, and most importantly what you like and with whom you like to work with.

You will learn something every day. After all, continuous learning is what keeps a human alive and grooms him.


You need to know how to use computers and the internet. Next, you need to learn how to search for things on the internet. You will find every necessary help material you need easily because the internet is enormous.

Ways to earn online:

Although there are uncountable ways of arning online, we will list here the most authentic and effective ones.

Affiliate Marketing: The easiest yet trickiest one is to become an affiliate marketer. You can generate sales and leads and earn the commission on it from the merchants. All you need to do is learn the best and effective online marketing using different suitable digital marketing tactics.

Avoid marketing gimmicks or fraudulent sales. This can make you lose the trust of your merchant as well as the customer.

Drop shipping: You can become an online retailer who does not keep the stock but forwards the details of the order and shipment provided by the customer, to whoever is sitting on the immediate upper level of the supply chain.

You will have to update, peer-retailer, manufacturer merchant or the wholesaler, who will fulfill the order by directly sending the product to the customer. Amazon and eBay have a drop shipping policy which can earn you a handsome amount of money.

Product Listing: Many E-commerce stores maintain a directory which contains all the products of the store with complete detail. This helps the owner in involving. Companies often outsource this task to online product listing service providers.

You can do this simple job for them and earn money. Again E-bay and Amazon generate such jobs. You can always take a peek.

Blogging: You can start your own blog or provide your writing services to other blogs. You can obviously do both. It is better if you create your own blog and channel traffic to it so that you can monetize it using Google Adsense. This is a platform which analyzes your page traffic and posts third-party ads on your website.

You can get the Ad money through it.

Video-logging (Vlogging) and Podcasting: Video-logging is about filming various interesting incidents of one's life. If you think that your life is so happening that people may want to see it, you can make vlogs and post them on YouTube.

Or you can make podcasts on YouTube either audio or video if you can create such content which is either entertaining or valuable for the visitors.

If you attain valuable traffic, the monetization process is similar to blogs.

Bonus Tip: All the above means of earning online are good but they may take a lot of time. What if you can earn in a fun way without waiting so long?

You can do that through you can sign up here and earn money by playing games, referring products and services or just earn credits in various ways.

Try earning money online today!

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