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How to be successful at

How to be successful at Before I go into any details about how to become successful here at 1-1Hits, I want to
thank you for upgrading your membership and to thank you for trusting us. It is not easy to dish money out of your pocket because it is always a risk especially when you are dealing with online ventures where you don't know what to expect.

I also want to tell you that I am successful, and I would like to help you become successful too. The question is, "Can you become successful here at"

The answer is yes but keep in mind that it takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance. And one of the most important aspects of becoming successful, is that you need to stay focused.

Achieving success here at does not have to be difficult. The first thing you need to do is that you need to advertise your 1-1Hits referral URL heavily. This is a must, because you need to bring in as many members as you can. The more members you have in your downline, the higher the chances they will make purchases. Sooner or later they will. Even if they don't make any purchases at first, you just need to continue your advertising efforts to continue to grow your organization.

If you want to make the highest commissions, you can upgrade to Double Diamond (If you did, congratulations!) because you will earn the highest commissions. You will earn commission from Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Double Diamond membership levels. Plus you will earn from all advertising packages, One-Time Offers, and other purchases they make. Free members often make purchases and you will earn from those purchases as well. Your chances of making money are high.

Think of as your very own business. Treat it like you really own it and work at it like there is no tomorrow. You see, I work on it every day for many hours and I do this because it makes me successful.

You can succeed in life in whatever area you choose but you need to follow the things I mentioned above. If you don't, you will be starting all over again and frequently. This way, you will get nowhere. I did this for many years and I was always struggling.

You have the advantage here at 1-1Hits because I'm responsible, I'm honest, and I'm willing to help you in whatever you need. I will also pay your commissions whenever you request or I will pay you as soon as I can get to them. You will get your commissions as long as you have at least $10 in your account and if you want to quit for some reason and you have at least $1, I will pay it to you. I usually allow a week or two before I pay you because I want to make sure the member who made the purchase will not ask for a refund. Even though the policy is that no refunds will be given, there is always someone out there who may push for it.

Feel free to communicate with me any time. I am just an email away.

Hope the tips to be successful mentioned above are helpful to you in one way or another. Once again, thank you for being a valuable member here at

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