How this advertising website is saving you time

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How This Advertising Website Can Save You Time

Advertising Website

Did you know this advertising website can save you time? Lots of it! Would you like to see the math and see how many
hours you can save here at The saying goes, "Time is money" and you would see how this applies to you once you put some numbers together. Try it for yourself and see how much time you are saving.

Let's do some math with low numbers and in order to do this, we need to compare with another website which we will call website A. We will assume that you are a free member at both websites and that you are surfing for advertising credits.

Website A vs

Website A: You are surfing at site A for a 2 to 1 hit ratio with a 6 second timer. Since you are a free member at site A, you need to view 2 websites before you get 1 credit because for every website you view, you receive half of a credit.

1-1Hits: You are surfing here at where you receive 1 credit for every page view every 4 seconds.

Website A: 2 views = 12 seconds to get 1 credit. 1 view = 4 seconds to get 1 credit
12 seconds at website A minus 4 seconds at 1-1Hits = 8 seconds.
This means you will save 8 seconds at per credit earned.

Let's see how much time we can save when earning 10 credits at each website:
Website A: 12 seconds to earn a credit x 10 total credits earned = 120 seconds.
1-1Hits: 4 seconds to earn a credit x 10 credits earned = 40 seconds.
120 seconds surfed at website A minus 40 seconds surfed at = 80 seconds. This means you save 80 seconds while surfing at 1-1Hits.
That's 1 minute and 20 seconds. But that's only with 10 credits earned.

Let's do the same math above with 100 credits earned.
12 x 100 = 1200 seconds at website A
4 x 100 = 400 seconds at 1-1Hits
1200 seconds spent at website A minus 400 seconds spent at 1-1Hits = 800 seconds. This means you can save 800 seconds surfing at which is a little over 13 minutes! That's only with 100 credits earned.

Do you want to see how much time you will save with 1000 credits? Let's do the math once again!
Website A: 12 x 1000 = 12000 seconds
1-1Hits: 4 x 1000 = 4000
12000 seconds spent at website A Minus 4000 seconds spent at 1-1Hits = 8000 seconds saved.
This equals to 8000/60 = 133.33 minutes / 60 minutes in one hour = 2.22 hours.

That is precious time you are wasting, and we are not talking about websites that offer a 3 to 1 hit ratio or websites with a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio with an 8 or 12 second counter. That's even more time that you could save!

You can keep doing the math if you like and all you need to do is add 2.22 hours per 1000 credits earned which is what we said we saved. For 2000 credits earned, it will be 4.44 hours. For 4000 credits will be 8.88, almost 9 hours? Do you see how much time you are saving at

By saving that time surfing at other websites, you are saving a lot of money. Again, "Time is Money!"

What about the credits earned? You are earning lots of credits which you can use in your advertising and to attract other members.

I am not saying not to surf at other traffic exchanges but what you need to do is to develop a strategy so you can maximize your time. The first thing to do is to find traffic exchanges that offer 1:1 hit ratio. Then you need to put these traffic exchanges in your downline builders. This is to let your referrals earn you credits at the other traffic exchanges with a lower surfing ratio.

I'm sure that developing a nice strategy that will work to your own advantage requires careful thinking. I will leave it at that because my goal here was to point out the immense amount of time you are saving while surfing at

If you are new to the internet and are looking for ways to make money from home, I invite you to join me here at Free members receive 30% commissions when their referrals upgrade and/or make ad pack purchases.

If you would like to earn up to 100% commissions, all you need to do is upgrade. Upgrading to Gold for only $6 a month will qualify you to earn 100% comissions but this is only a limited time offer. After that, the commissions erned will be based on the memeberhip level you upgraded.

Our community is growing and I hope to see you be part of it.

Disclaimer: I did my best to do the math above and if for some reason the numbers are off, please be sure to let me know.

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