Free Advertising - Pros and Cons

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Free Advertising - Pros and Cons

Even though a lot of people consider free advertising to be spam, you can still use it to increase your reach and potential customers.
It is not every time that you would be financially disposed to run paid ads. These times, you could utilize the various free advertising methods to promote your business. While the results cannot be the same as what you get from paid ads, you could still get impressive results.

Various free ad methods

Social networks
Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are your first port of call for free advertising because all you have to do is to create posts and share on your fan pages or on your personal timeline. The only difference between free advertising on these networking websites and running their PPC ads is the number of people that will view your ad post. Most times, your ad may end up getting to only 8% of your total fans or followers. Apart from this small disparity in the number of people that see your post, every other thing with free ads on social networks is the same with their PPC ads.

Online classifieds

You can get lots of exposure by using online classifieds such as Craigslist to promote your product or service. You can place free ads on these sites and targeted people will stumble upon them. One good thing about sites like Craigslist is that there are so many categories where you can post ads, and you can also post for different locations.

Online video sharing sites

The same principles that apply to running a paid video marketing campaign apply to running a free one too. You need to create a video content that is interesting and engages the audience. You can share these videos on, YouTube, and even Facebook. You are guaranteed to gain lots and lots of traffic from those sites. Endeavor to submit more than one video to maximize your exposure.

Online photo sharing sites

These sites share similar features with online video sharing sites. There are a lot of these places on the internet where you can post pictures relating to your product and attract a lot of targeted visitors to your website; Flickr is one of such places.

Pros of free ads

1. Free, free, free: There is nothing as sumptuous as a free meal, and the same applies to advertising. Since you are not paying any money to post ads, you won't be losing anything for trying even if your campaign fails. With the free offer, you could try out different strategies until you find one that works. That is the joy of free meal. You will keep grabbing bites upon bites.

2. You can target customers: classified ad sites like Craigslist are often divided into different categories, and further divided into smaller sub-categories. This helps you to target your ads to the people you intended to reach.

3. Easy: you don't need any form of expert knowledge to make posts on Facebook or to write and post ads on classified websites. It is something you can do yourself without the help of an expert, hence you can always create as many ads as you would want to publish. Most times, you can even share already existing content like videos, pictures, etc.

Cons of free advertising

Limited post reach: if you post your ad on your Facebook wall or fan page, for instance, only a minute 8-10% of your friends or followers will see the post. So, you need to pay for ads if you want your posts to reach a wider audience. Another con is that you may not be in control of the ads. Other people posting ads will not think twice before displacing yours on Facebook feeds.

In all, utilizing free advertising is still a good way to promote and market your products if you don't have enough money. But once you build up some reserve, you should go paid advertising. offers free advertising and the site offers ad packs at affordable prices. Hope you can take advantage of these prices before they are increased. Please get a free account and try our ads for free.

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