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Your Follow Up Email Sequence

Green Leaf Advertising

Your Follow Up Email Sequence

Here is the follow up email sequence for our "How to Collect Subscribers" system. You can rewrite these emails to fit your own writting style if you like. Also, make sure that you place your name with mine and referral urls in the appropriate pages so thyy go to you instead of someone else.

Here are the verification and the thank you pages that you can add to your autoresponder when setting it up:
Verification page:
Thank you page:

Email #1
Subject: [[fixfirstname]], How to collect subscribers easily

Hello [[fixfirstname]],

Welcome, I'm so glad you decided to start
collecting subscribers. While doing this, you
will have the potential to skyrocket your income.
In the following days, I will show you exactly
how to do this so be sure to read the emails I'm
going to send you and follow the steps carefully.
I'm using this system myself to collect subscribers
and when you are done setting it up, you too will
have an amazing way to collect yours.

Collecting subscribers is something everyone must
do but most people are not. They may or may not
realize this is a very important part of the puzzle
but for some reason, they are just not doing it.
YOU MUST collect subscribers if you really want
to increase your income!

Collecting subscribers is not an easy process but
it doesn't have to be. I'm going to show you how
to create this system in a way that will simplify it for you.

While building your list, you will be able to advertise
any program to your subscribers and the best part is
that you can do this over and over.

The strategy I'm going to show you is simple but
make sure you follow the instructions to the letter
and stick to it. Try not to get easily distracted by
the next "best program!" Before you join anything
else, you must have a system in place to collect
leads and that's why you are here for.

Step 1
Get an account at When you join, you
will receive 1000 free ad credits, 1000 rectangle
and square banner, plus 1000 text ad impressions.
If you already joined, great! The reason why you need
to join 1-1Hits is because it pays 30% commissions
to free members. This is quite a bit if you compare it
with other money making programs. 1-1Hits is
dedicated to its members and is always looking for
a way to help them earn more.

Once you join 1-1Hits, it is recommended that you
upgrade to the $5 program because it is very popular
and when your referrals start coming in they will
likely upgrade as well. You don't want to miss
earning $5 a month from them.

Step 2
In order to explode your income you need a special
tool which I'm going to talk about in the email that I
will send you tomorrow. In the mean time,
familiarize yourself with 1-1Hits.
If you don't receive that email in your inbox, please
check your spam or other folders.

Click here to get an account at

Best regards,

Hector Rivera

Followup System Email

Email #2
Subject: [[fixfirstname]], A tool you must use to explode you business

Hello [[fixfirstname]],

In this email, you will complete step 2.
A key component to our money making strategy is
the use of an autoresponder which is a tool every internet
marketer must use. Why? It is because that's the
only way for you to get your subscribers and communicate
with them.

I have selected an autoresponder services provider
based on the following:
1. Features. It must have the features we need for our main
purpose just like many autoresponders out there which means
it will work well for our purpose.
2. Affordability. It needs to be affordable for everyone.
3. The compensation plan. This needs to be lucrative for those
who want to make a lot.

The autoresponder that fits the criteria above is AIOP. The
monthly cost is only $10 a month plus a $1.50 service fee.
The best part of this is that for every qualified referral you
have in your downline, you will get $10. This means, with
2 qualified referrals, you will be in profits and your autoresponder
expenses will be at no cost to you! No one else can beat

If you are already an AIOP member, are working on your
own, and are not doing well. Then you need to consider
cancelling that account and get a new one. The purpose
for this is that you are going to be working under a team build.

Before you go to the team page information, you must upgrade
at AIOP from this email. You can join by clicking on any AIOP link
located throughout this page and you will be joining the team.
Joining from here, you will be guaranteed to receive this
lead generation system I'm offering to you.

Click here to read this page and read it as there are important
steps you need to take. After you have done everything suggested
on that page, please make sure you continue to read these emails.

If you have not done it yet,
Click Here to get an account at AIOP
Click Here to get an account at 1-1Hits

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: When joining AIOP, your referral
MUST be harz. You can see it on the link below. Click on it.
Then click on Join. This is to make sure you get the right sponsor.

If you don't see harz or Hector Rivera in the AIOP Join page,
you must return to this email and click on the link above. You
can also copy the link above, and paste it in the browser. Once
you have done this, refresh your browser. Click on join and then
it should show the person above as your referral. If not, you must
contact admin at 1-1Hits so they can send you the right FAFY/AIOP
referral URL.

If you have done the above successfully, you have accomplished a critical step which will benefit both your sponsor and yourself.

For now, don't worry about advertising AIOP just yet. I will tell you tomorrow why.

Best regards,

Hector Rivera

Email #3
Subject: [[fixfirstname]], Why You Don't Need To Advertise AIOP Just Yet

Hello [[fixfirstname]],

Yesterday I mentioned that you are not going
to worry about advertising AIOP at this point.
That[s because you are going to concentrate
on completing your system. You need to have
It ready before you continue to advertise your
other programs. We are going to implement
your other programs in this strategy so don't

The subscribers you are going to receive with
this system are going to follow your lead and
they are going to sign up under you. This means
they are going to do what you are doing and
will get an account at 1-1Hits and at AIOP and
they are going to be under you.

In the meantime the AIOP team build will help you
get referrals. They recommend you advertise the
team build and I recommend you advertise it at two
traffic exchanges so you can start sending traffic
to your team page.

If you already have ad credits at traffic exchanges,
just add the team builder on 2 of them and then come
back to finish setting up your system.

Once again, it is recommended that you upgrade to
the Five Dollar Club at 1-1Hits because it is very popular
and lots of people are upgrading. If any of your referrals
upgrade, you will miss $5 monthly from each of your
upgraded referrals.

These are your monthly expenses:
AIOP = $11.50
The Five Dollar Club at 1-1Hits = $5.00
Total monthly expenses = $16.50

That's all you need to spend!.

You need to commit that you are going to
spend this money on a monthly basis for quite
some time. Things are going to be hard at the
beginning and your results will come slowly. But
if you are patient enough and stick to the plan,

The nature of business is that you need money
to spend money but fortunately is only $16.50 a

If you have not done it yet,
Click Here To Join AIOP
Click here to Join

Tomorrow I will show you how to setup your
autoresponder. In the meantime, please continue
to play and familiarize yourself with it.

Warm regards,

Hector Rivera

Email #4
Subject: [[fixfirstname]], Setting up your autoresponder

Hello [[fixfirstname]],

Setting up your autoresponder can take a little bit of
time and can be a little tricky as well but I'm sure you
will be fine.

I have created the verification and the thank you pages
plus the follow up emails. That's something you won't
have to do which will help you save a lot of time.

Today you are going to be busy learning how set up
your AIOP autoresponder. If you already know how to
do it, great!

I wrote the instructions on a separate page to prevent
this email from getting too long. Besides of giving your
instructions, the information will help with 1-1Hits rankings.
Search engines love new information and that's what we
have on the page.

Click here to learn how to set up your autoresponder.

Please make sure you follow the steps carefully and if
you mess up or get stuck feel free to contact me at or send me a message from your
1-1Hits account. Your message will come to the same
email anyway. I will help you figure out whatever issues
you have.

When you are done setting up your autoresponder
please keep reading the daily emails because more
important information will be coming your way.

If you have not done it yet,

Click here to join AIOP
Click here to join 1-1Hits

Tomorrow you will learn how to create your
autoresponder form.

Have a great day,


Email #5
Subject: [fixfirstname]], Did you finish setting up your autoresponder yesterday?

Hello [[fixfirstname]],

I hope you were able to finish setting up your autoresponder
yesterday. Did you? If not that's okay. It took me days to figure
out mine when I used my first one a long time ago. Just keep
working with it until it works the way you want.

There is still one important thing to do and I will show you
how today.

You need to create your autoresponder form. That's the form
where people type their name and their email so they can
subscribe and receive your follow up messages. This is one
a very important part of the puzzle.

Let's get started:

Log in to your AIOP account and hover your mouse
on "TOOLBOX" then click on "Autoresonders."
Click on "Go" which is on the right hand side of the
autoresponder you want to work on. In this case it
will be "How to collect subscribers." Click on "Edit"
where it says, "To edit your campaigns, set the
language for the Opt-in mail or to set a custom Opt-in
confirm and welcome page. Activate the campaign
first (go) then click here to edit."

Moving on...

Hover your mouse on "Prospects" and then click on
"HTML Form" which is at the bottom of the pop up menu.
This will take you to all the autoresponder forms that are
available to you. Just click on the one that you like and the
system will update it for you. Once it is updated, scroll to
the bottom of the page and the HTML for that form will be
there as well. Keep playing with the different forms to
familiarize yourself with them.

You are going to need that code when creating your
splash pages. which I will show you how to do it a little laler.

Signup for an account at AIOP and
1-1Hits if you have not done it yet.

Warm regards,

Hector Rivera

Email #6
Subject: [[fixfirstname]], Updating your downline builder


In the last email you were supposed to update
your downline builder at Please
make sure to do it. If you have not done it, go
there now and start working on it. This is because
all your referrals will be encouraged to update their
downline builder and they will see yours. This will
give them the opportunity to sign up under you.

This is an important step you need to take because
it will increase exposure to your programs.

Your lead capture page should be ready by now. If not,
you need to get to it and start building a serious income.

Click here to get your autoresponder and start getting

This is all for now. Tomorrow, I will show you the best traffic
exchanges I'm using to get the most of your surfing.


More emails coming...

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