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The Five Dollar Club has created the Five Dollar Club which is another way for its members to make more money. When members upgrade to the Five Dollar Club, they are entitled to receive $5 a month from each upgraded referral they have in their downline.

These $5 are deposited directly into their PayPal account and sometimes in their back office at under "Commissions" as soon as the payment is made. The Five Dollar Club members also earn 30% commissions from all purchases their referrals make.

$5 a month doesn't seem like a lot but when you have a decent number of upgrades, you can get some cash in your pocket. The money can add up quickly when your referrals start making other purchases. We offer quite a different array of advertising packages which are affordable to everyone. This increases sales which helps members earn commissions frequently.

One way of growing your business at is to advertise only one or two splash pages at a time from Do not advertise multiple programs at the same time because your marketing efforts will be fruitless.

Let's say, for example, that you are advertising 10 pages in a rotator and that you have allocated 1000 hits to that rotator. This means that each of your websites in your rotator are going to receive 100 hits each. Your chances of getting referrals are higher when you send those 1000 hits to one website than 100 hits to 10 different websites. Don't you rather send the 1000 hits to one website? Hope you can see my point.

What you can do is put all of your programs at in the downline builder which they are going to be seen by your referrals.

Here are the available splash pages you can advertise 1-1Hits. Click on each one to take a look.
Splash Page 1
Splash Page 2
Splash Page 3
Splash Page 4
Splash Page 5
Splash Page 6

If you concentrate and advertise only, your chances of growing your business are greater.

Bringing referrals to is not hard. One of the splash pages above offers 1000 free credits, 1000 468 x 60 rectangle banner ad impressions, 1000 125 x 125 square banner ad impressions, and 1000 text ad impressions when your prospects join you. This is a $14.99 value! When people see this page, they are compelled to sign up because they love free stuff and they will love you for it.

Advertise that page like there is no tomorrow and you will see that soon, you will have a large downline at

There are a lot of places where you can advertise your 1-1Hits. You can advertise at other traffic exchanges, mailers, banner advertising websites, or any other places that have to do with advertising or money making opportunities.

The Five Dollar program is attracting a lot of people because it is cheap and almost anyone can afford it. Plus this membership comes packed with 5000 monthly advertising credits, 5000 468 x 60 rectangle banner ad impressions, 5000 125 x 125 square banner ad impressions, and 5000 text ad impressions. This in itself is an amazing deal!

If you are visiting this website for the very first time and would like to make some money from home, you are invited to join us so you too can be part of our growing community. Please go to the Testimonials page and see what some of our members are saying. Hope to see you in the members area.

Disclaimer: This website offers paid advertising and some of the links are from affiliate programs. Should you make a purchase from those ads or affiliate programs, we will make money from sales or earn commissions. If you have any issues from purchases from any of those websites you need to contact them directly. If you have any issues after you purchase ads from us, please contact us. To do that, you need to login to your account and contact us from there. This is not a get rich quick business. We do not promise that you are going to make x amount of money. People can make money using our system and your results will vary depending on your efforts.

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