Facebook Marketing

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Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is a form of social media marketing where you use Facebook to create marketing contents
to drive traffic to your website, sell a product, or just get your followers engaged.

As you know, Facebook is currently the largest social network, meaning that there is great potential in taking advantage of the network to advertise your product as you can be reaching out to millions of people without being limited by geographical location.

In advertising on Facebook, you can either use the free advertising method where you make posts that will appear on your timeline for your followers to see. There is another option of using Facebook's PPC advertising that has far reaching potentials than traditional Facebook posts. There is a reason why a lot of people make use of Facebook ads (as opposed to traditional Facebook posts) to promote and market their products. We'll get to see that shortly.

Why you should use Facebook ads as part of you Facebook marketing campaign

You might say that there is no difference between making a post about your product on your Facebook fan page and running a Facebook ad campaign, but there is - a huge difference at that.

When you make a post on your fan page, not everyone on your fan page gets to see the post. In fact, most times, the total people that the post reaches could be as little as 6% of your total followers. I might be wrong, but I think Facebook deliberately made it that way so that you'd have to pay money before your posts get to the majority of your followers. So, to increase the number of your fans that see your posts, you have to run Facebook ad campaigns.

The next question now remains, "is running Facebook ad worth it?" And the answer to that is YES. If you employ a good strategy and make sure that you set all the metrics correctly, you can make tremendous sales, increase the number of people on your fan page, and generally increase exposure for your brand by running ads on Facebook.

Types of Facebook ads that you can set up

Businesses and marketers set up Facebook ads for various reasons. Some to sell their products, others to increase the number of their Facebook fans, drive traffic to their website or a combination of all. Depending on what you want to achieve, Facebook caters for it.

1. There is "Facebook ads for Page Likes" that you can use to increase the number of your Facebook fans.

2. There is also "Facebook ads for websites and Facebook ads for website Conversions" which like the name implies, you can use to increase the number of visitors to your website.

3. The third type of Facebook ad is "Facebook ads for Post promotion" that you can use to increase the number of users that see a post on your page.

Things you need to create a Facebook ad for your small business as part of your Facebook marketing campaigns

Basic things you need to set up a Facebook ad include the following:

1. Text/copy to accompany the ad

Facebook ads on the most part make use of images and text to convey the message of your business. To create an effective Facebook ad, you need to make the ad copy a compelling one. You should be able to tell people the next action to take using the text - "call to action." If you run a local business, then the accompanying text of your ad must state where your business is located as people are more likely to respond to businesses that are local to them. As expected, the ad copy should contain a link to your website where users can visit to get more information. Example of an ad copy:

"It's never too late to start training with your dog, get our hands-free dog leash, and start immediately. Click [website link] for more."

2. Graphic designer

Every other type of Facebook ad apart from "Facebook ads for Post Promotion" requires you to develop an ad image or what is called ad creative as part of the ad. You need a graphic designer to design a catchy image for you because that's what will grab the attention of your audience at first. If you can't get a designer to help you with an ad creative and you don't have the technical know-how to design one for yourself either, you could consider using a high-quality image that relates to your niche as your ad creative.

3. Credit card

Without being told, you should know that you need a credit card to pay Mr. Zuckerberg for helping you place ads on his network.

4. Time and patience

Are you surprised that I am throwing in time and patience as one of the things you need to run a Facebook ad? Don't be. Because you actually need lots of patience to master how to set up effective Facebook ad campaigns. Now, if your campaigns are not yielding the desired results immediately, you need to give it time. Have you seen how time came into the equation now? Excellent! Because learning to set up effective Facebook ad campaigns can take time, you could consider leaving it in the hands of a professional or team up with other marketers and business owners around you to brainstorm ideas on how to setup effective campaigns.

Tips for creating effective ads creatives

1. Facebook has specific guidelines for creating ad creatives for the different types of Facebook ads. These guidelines include the specifications that the ad creatives must assume, etc. you have to adhere to those specifications.

2. Ensure that the ad text in the ad copy doesn't take up more than 20% of the image. Facebook may not accept your ad if the text takes up more than 20% of the ad creative.

3. Ensure that your ad has elements of humor on it and that the ad creative contains bright colors.

Facebook ads use ad targeting

One thing that makes Facebook marketing effective is that you can tailor your ads to target or reach only people in certain geographical locations or demography. This means that you wouldn't just be wasting your time and money advertising to people that are not interested in your business, but those that are actively interested in it.

How to setup a Facebook ad

Below are steps to set up a Facebook ad

Step 1: login to Facebook fan page and locate Facebook's ad manager


e you are on the home page of your Facebook fan page, you'll see "Advertise Your Business" button somewhere on the page, click on it.

Step 2: Choose the objective of your campaign

Do you want to "get more calls", "get more website visitors", "promote your page" or "share page with friends"? Choose the one that suits your need.

Step 3: Decide on targeting and your budget

Step 4: upload ad creative(s), copy/text for the ad and website links.

Step 5: Continue to experiment with different ad creatives and targeting options until you develop the most effective strategy for your business.

2. Graphic designer

While Facebook marketing is an effective way to reach those who are actively interested in your business, it still has its cons. Let's look at the cons of Facebook marketing below.

Cons of Facebook marketing

1. Price: although you can set Facebook ad campaigns on a small budget, the truth remains that you need a decent sum to advertise on Facebook.

2. It might take some time before you master the right combinations that will make your ad successful. You also need a lot of time to manage your fan page as a Facebook fan page isn't something you just set up and forget.

The last point isn't really much of a problem as you can always leave the administration (including the setting up and monitoring) of your Facebook ads in the hands of experts, although this would still cost your money.

In all, Facebook marketing is an efficient way of reaching new customers as it offers you the ability to target your ads to specific locations, age, sex, etc.

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