Display Advertising

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Display Advertising

These ad types simply referred to as display advertising are very popular, and there are 100% chances that you must have seen them before on websites
unless you have some ad blockers. They are usually highly visual and rely on images and text copy to capture the interest of viewers. They are ads that appear on websites other than your own, and often come in the form of tastefully designed images with texts or flash video that website visitors can click and be taken to a corresponding landing page or website. One thing that makes display ads very effective is the way they blend with existing contents of a web page and their use of cookies to tailor ads to specific individuals based on their interests, gender, age, and other demographics.

Things you can do with display ads

Below are ways you can use display ads to your advantage.

1. Can be used as a remarketing tool

Let's assume you have an e-commerce platform, and a visitor once visited, added some items to cart without checking them out, you can use display ads to remind the visitor that they have some unfinished business with you even when they've left your website for other sites. This may sound strange to you, but website cookies actually do store visitors' information and display ads normally use this information to trace website visitors anywhere on the web.

One good thing about using display ad as a remarketing tool is that it can help you serve an advertisement to your visitors across different devices and networks. For example, a user might visit your site on their mobile phone and later could see your ad on his Facebook timeline, twitter feed or other platforms where ads are displayed while they are browsing on desktop. That is one of the beauties of display advertising.

Have you ever browsed through different products on Amazon and proceeded to log in to your Facebook account only to see ads on your timeline for the same products you searched on Amazon? That's Amazon trying to remarket a product to you through display ads.

2. Can be used to inform and remind

You can also use display ads to inform and remind your site visitors of other desirable actions you would love them to take following their previous activities on your site. A site visitor who just bought an Android device may not remember immediately that he needs a Bluetooth earpiece to enjoy hands-free entertainment. You can use display advertising to inform and remind these clients that there are some other accessories that they could find useful for their new device. You can also use it to remind customers of improved versions of products or services they purchased from your site in times past. Consider that you are selling a software product, you can always use display ads to remind clients who bought earlier versions of the software about the latest versions of the same product, thus driving up sales.

3. Upsell current customers

The mechanism is same as explained above.

Advantages of using display ads

The benefits of display ads can well be summarized as follows: it is visual, it is targeted because of its use of cookies to target customers that once visited your website, and it has high reach and can be seen by a high number of people.

Disadvantages of display ads

Below are some cons of display advertising.

1. Lower click-through rate (CTR): unlike search ads, display ads have lower click through rates. Most times, users don't pay attention to display ads, some others block them out rightly, hence, reducing their click-through-rates.

2. Lower conversions: display ads' lower click through rates also means lower signups and sales. If users see your ad on display networks when they are not actively searching for your product or service, they may not pay attention to it. If selling high volumes is your target, then display ads may not be for you. They are more suitable for those targeting long sales.

3. Ad avoidance: even though you may get high impressions with display ads, there is no guarantee that users will pay attention to your ads. Some users also see display ads as annoying and use ad blocking tools to stop seeing them.

How are display ads charged?

Display ads can be charged on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis. The average cost per thousand impressions for display ads is $2.80.

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