Tools Needed for Content Generation for Your Website

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Tools Needed for Content Generation for Your Website

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Tools Needed for Content Generation for Your Website - websites that attract a lot of traffic are websites with great and relevant content. In order for a website to generate leads, visitors must find the information they are looking
for from the website. Generating content that optimizes search engines and attracts visitors is not as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you with website content generation.

1. Feedly
Feedly is a tool that gathers the content that you need all in one place. When generating content for your website, you can look for content being published in your industry and either improve it or modify it. Feedly is a tool that helps you by giving you all the information you need in one place.

2. TrendSpottr
In order to establish a reputation for your brand, it is essential to get extra traffic. This tool helps you to identify the most popular topics, trending hashtags, ideas and phrases so that you can find new ideas that are not trending yet. With TrendSpottr, you can write an awesome piece on a topic that is trending before your competitor does and you'll be able to stay ahead of them.

Though the words of your content are important, your images are vital as well. Attractive images can make a whole lot of difference for your content and that is why creating images can sometimes take more time than writing the whole article. This tool helps you create attractive designs without much effort.

4. Hemingway Great content must be well written, free of mistakes and engaging. Editing content can take more time that writing because it is difficult to self-correct when you have an exact understanding of what you wanted to say. The Hemingway editor helps you to check your content for mistakes without spending so much time.

5. Unplag
There is nothing as embarrassing as having plagiarized content. Therefore, it is important to inspect your document for red flags. This you can do using unique content creation software like Unplag which is an online plagiarism checker specifically designed to minimize plagiarism and enhance content quality.

6. StayFocused

If you want to stay focused on the task at hand, then this tool blocks all unnecessary websites for the time you define so that you can get your work done.

This is a content marketing tool. It helps you to promote your content. Once you upload your content, the system checks it for influencers you can promote the new post to including other influencer marketing and relationship-building features.

8. PostPlanner
The more content you generate for your website, the more it becomes visible, popular and trending. You need to have a stream of new content so that your website remains relevant and up to date. PostPlanner is the tool you need. It helps you plan, find and post content on your website.

Generating content for website is time consuming and is very effort intensive. Therefore, it is important to use all the content creation tools at your disposal in order to make the process easier and more efficient.

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