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Best Website Hosting services | How to Choose One

Best Website Hosting Services - Are you thinking of building a website but you are confused
about choosing hosting? It is a very common issue that often the best hosting provider does not necessarily prove itself to be equally best for everyone. It is quite frustrating to choose the best hosting services which are also best for you.

Here are the steps to determine the exact best hosting services for your website:

1. Analyze the scope of your website:
It is really important that you know what exactly you are going to achieve out of your website. Is it going to be a food recipe website, a student's progress portal, an online shoe store, online classroom, or just a live news streaming website?

In this way, you can determine the domain of the website. You can then look for the hosting services who are offering features or expertise which are specific to your own domain.

Several hosting providers are famous for different specified feature domains, e.g. classified, biblical, torrent, online gaming, blogging, and e-commerce.

Hosting Specific for Blogging often provide a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature to facilitate its users. Similarly, you can explore some other relevant hosting.

2. Calculate the needed resources:
Estimate the expected monthly visits and maximum number of concurrent users. Every hosting provides certain maximum current users, and traffic density limit. You have to choose accordingly; otherwise, your website can go down due to overloading.

If you have a portfolio website, it might need a lot of storage capacity but not much bandwidth. But if you have a news blog or a horoscope website, your traffic is going to boost and there can be so many daily concurrent visits. it will need more bandwidth.

Don't always go for a hosting which is sufficient but not efficient. Keep a margin to avoid any server downtime.

3. Study and understand the Hosting Types:
Compare your website needs to choose accordingly. Following are common types usually available for the websites:
  • Shared Hosting:

    It hosts hundreds of websites on the common set of resources, and server. This can be a good option for starters or light weighted medium sized websites.

  • Virtual Private Server Hosting:

    It hosts a very limited number of websites on the same server but dedicated resource set. It can be great for corporate official websites or fast-growing small businesses.

  • Dedicated Server Hosting:

    It will provide one server and all resources to just ONE website, which implies maximum security. It can be brilliant for e-commerce and banking websites as they involve online money transactions.

    Understand the architecture of each one to see what they have to offer.

    4. Find the best trade-off between features and price:
    The secret to the best hosting service choice is to find the perfect balance between the prices and features. Some people blindly go for the free hosting option without knowing the lack of proper authority and control over their websites. It will just act like your Facebook page and nothing else.

    You cannot edit the theme or display your own ads on it, and most of all, you have to tolerate the hosting name in the URL. It will end up becoming just another channel to connect.

    Cheap to moderately-priced websites prove to be the best when it comes to providing value. Your website will have enough resilience, complete authority, unique identity URL and you can also monetize it.

    5. Anticipate Future:
    Always keep a door open in case you ever plan on improving your website. Always plan ahead and make sure you select a hosting which can inculcate the future needs of your website.

    Bonus Tip:
    Check out JustHost hosting services. It offers a variety of unique and exciting features which can amaze you. It has a money-back guarantee. You should absolutely give it a shot.

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