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Best Website Builder | How to Choose the One

Best Website Builder - No matter how much technology has evolved since the 80s, the websites
and web applications still hold their importance in the organizations and for individuals.

If you are also looking forward to creating a website of your own and run it independently, this article can help you out with the basics. Good news is that you do not necessarily need any coding expertise to do that. You just need to find out the best website builder for you and the rest will become an easy job.

Here is how you can choose the top website builder which serves your purpose:

1. Define Goal:
Analyze and specify some feasible goals first. You have to make a long term website strategy before making one. If you are blogging, brainstorm about the goals you want to achieve from it. See if your aim is either to reach the global audience, built a brand reputation, monetization or any combination of these, this will reflect your future decisions.

Similarly, if you are trying to create a personal website to be perceived as a brand or just want a portfolio website, your requirements will differ completely.

2. Figure out your designing approach preference:
It is a little tricky because you need to rate your technical expertise on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest. If you have a lower score you can choose the builder which offers already designed and rendered website templates, also check if it is paid or free. If you have sufficient high-level of technical knowledge, a builder which offers just the drag and drop designing would be fine. And lastly, if you have coding expertise you can go for HTML/CSS Editing Builders too.

Remember that expertise are proportional to the flexibility of the design. Different website builders are providing the subsets of the above mentioned design approaches. Find the right tool accordingly.

3. Prioritize the required features:
Map your website goals on the website builder features and then sort them according to priorities. You will then need to find an affordable website builder which is offering your top priority features.

Some key characteristics of the builder to consider are:
  • Budget & Pricing: There are monthly, quarter and yearly subscription plans and one-time payment tools too.
  • Designed Templates: Free and paid templates are offered
  • Setup and installation Options: Installation can be manual or through any installer.
  • Max Project size Capacity: There is a storage, and server load limit of different builders according to different packages.
  • Scalability options: The ability to expand the website user-base or functionality.
  • Transferability: ease of migration of the website from one building platform to another.
  • Customer Support: The quality of communication in case you lose access to the website cloud or any other issue in the website building services.

    4. Look-out for most convenient management options: Think and decide the handiest means to keep up with your website. If you are going to delegate the editing and management roles, look for a builder which offers the role management feature.

    If you are going to manage from your mobile phone or tablet, look whether the website builder's admin panel is compatible with small devices or not.

    5. Go and get it:
    After you have found the best option, go ahead and get started with the website building to build up your future over it.

    Give a try to SiteShell website builder. I have been using it for so long and it offers a very comprehensive number of website building features.

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