Best Money Making Program Of 2019

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Best Money Making Program Of 2019?

Are you looking for the best money making program of 2019?
This is a difficult question to ask because all programs out there claim that they are best.

What makes them the best?
Before I answer that question, here is one of my recent experiences with a money making program I joined a few years back.

I joined for $10 a month.
I received $1 a month from each member in my downline. These were members I sponsored, and members sponsored by them down to five levels.
Easy enough. Right? Not so fast!

I had a downline of over 100 members but after a couple of months, my downline was dwindling down and that was because they had a difficult time sponsoring. After 3 months, my downline was even smaller. Did you know statistics show that the average person can only sponsor 2 people? This really showed and most of them could not bring a single member. This meant that for most of these members to break even, they needed to sponsor 10 people. That seems it is not very hard but for most people, it is a monumental task. Another problem was that when people decided to leave the program, whatever money they had in their account was not paid to them. I believe that if you earn at least one cent, that should be paid to you because you earned it.

I decided to create my own program and pay my members a decent amount of money. Free members get 30% when their referrals upgrade or make purchases. I pay my upgraded members 100% from their referrals who upgrade and from ad pack sales. I also pay them once they reach $10 in their account and this makes everyone happy. This motivates people and they can get started making money from home sooner than later.

The reason I like to pay them high commissions is because I know how hard people work and they should be rewarded for their efforts. Paying handsome commissions; paying my members their earnings with a low threshold; and providing excellent support makes 1-1Hits one of the best programs around.

Can anyone join 1-1Hits?
1-1Hits is for everyone. Even for those who do not have their own website or product to sell. 1-1Hits targets advertisers or people who are looking for ways to make money online. What you do is you advertise 1-1Hits somewhere else to get referrals and you get paid when those referrals upgrade or make purchases.

What are the products 1-1Hits offer? offers advertising packages. These packages come as one-time offers, credit packs, banner ad packs, text ad packs or a combination of them.

How do you make money at 1-1Hits?
You make money from ad pack sales and from upgrades. If you are a free member, you make 30% commissions and if you want to make 100% commissions, you can upgrade for as little as $6 a month. With 2 upgraded referrals, you will be in profits.

Is 1-1Hits considered MLM?
The payment structure at 1-1Hits is uni-level. This means you can only get paid on the members you refer. PayPal is the main payment processor and they frown upon MLM programs. Besides, you should be rewarded based on your own efforts. Lots of people rely on the efforts of others and this is not good because they will be expecting your help and this prompts them to do nothing.

How much money can I make at 1-1Hits?
You can make a few bucks to thousands of Dollars. It all depends on your own efforts, motivation, or expertise. I do not guarantee you will make x amount of dollars because everyone is different.

How much are your paid membership levels?
1-1Hits offers 4 paid membership levels.
1. Gold for $6 a month.
2. Platinum for $12 a month
3. Diamond for $24 a month
4. Double Diamond for $48 a month.

Is it easy to get people to join 1-1Hits?
Nothing is easy but if you use proper advertising techniques, you will get referrals.
1-1Hits allows members to accumulate lots of advertising credits and they can use these credits to attract prospects. You can say to your prospects something like this:
"1-1Hits pays 30% commissions to its free members. They pay these commissions from referral purchases and upgrades. If you join me, I will give you 500 credits plus 1-1Hits will give you 300 credits once you join. These credits are worth $10." People love it when you give them something of value and the more the better. If you have lots of credits, you can offer them 1000 credits and, this will make them want to join you.

I hope you consider joining us at

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