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How to Choose the Best Hosting Service for Your Blog

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How to Choose the Best Hosting Service for Your Blog

Best Hosting Service - Starting a blog can be quite overwhelming and can require a lot of time. Maintaining a successful blog can be even more hectic and time consuming.

You will need to spend lots of hours designing your blog unless you pay someone to do it for you but what takes more time, is coming up with content. Keeping track of everything and of all the important things can be difficult but you have to do it because it will determine the success of the blog.

Do you have what it takes to start your own blog?
Are you willing to spend a lot of time writing content and maintaining your blog?

To start with, some of the things you are going to need are a domain name and hosting. It will take a little bit of your time trying to figure out which hosting provider to select. But if you use Wordpress which is the leading blogging platform, you will not need to do research as to which hosting provider is the best because they provide hosting.

Think of an ideal hosting provider for your blog
If you are going to use a different blogging platform, chances are that you will need to look for a hosting service provider.

You cannot randomly choose just any hosting provider because you will regret it later on. You need to do a little research as to which hosting service will give you what you need.

Only you will know what features your blog requires and all depends on different factors like, is your site a donation site, is it an online bakery blog which takes orders too, is it an ecommerce store, or is it just a regular blog where you are going to provide information about something.

If you just are planning to have a personal blog, you can go for shared hosting as it won't be much critical in nature and might not have a huge 24/7 traffic. If it is a business blog, you can still start with shared hosting and then upgrade to a dedicated server once traffic starts pouring in.

Compare packages with your budget
After looking at different hosting providers and finalizing your best option, see if it is within your budget range or not. You might not get everything you want in the price that you estimated to pay. So, find a trade-off between the features you will want to have and the money you will need to pay.

It can be very enticing to buy the least priced hosting but do not blindly go for the cheapest option. It can make you face the consequences later on. A few more bucks can cut many risks.

Check the Reviews and Feedbacks
Although some companies manage to hire some PR teams for their brands, who can post fake positive reviews for the hosting, you can still read the review blogs of the hosting. They can be quite honest and more authentic.

If you can't find such reviews, then see the 3-star reviews because they can be the most honest ones. Observe how the company copes with disappointed customers. This way you can get some insight of the service.

According to Business insider, "When you're reading reviews, try to find ones that are closer to the median...she looks at (the expert) three-star reviews first because they tend to be more moderate, detailed, and honest. Unfortunately, research suggests that most of us instinctively do just the opposite: We prefer extreme reviews because they're less ambivalent and therefore easier to process."

Get a suitable Bandwidth:
It is not that you will require a giant bandwidth from day one of your new blog. But if there is a chance of growth, you have to consider the higher bandwidth hosting for future use. You might have to merge the blog with your company or brand website which can have more extensive functionality.

Quality of Customer Support
It is very important to have a smooth communication with the company to function well for a longer period of time. It will not work out well if you get the response to your request after months, or just never get any at all.

So, cross-check and get basic know-how about the level of cooperation the web hosting company provides to its customers. It is best to test every feature before the purchase or even better to use a trial first.

Extensive research and service comparison is very important in order to reach out to the best web hosting option. JustHost provides great services and one of the most important things I like the best is their customer support. I use mainly their online chat support and they have always been there for me.

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