5 Best Affiliate Programs

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5 Best Affiliate Programs

5 Best Affiliate Programs - Affiliate marketing has become one of the largest online industries and a source of income for many bloggers, webmasters and entrepreneurs. An affiliate program works as an
intermediary between affiliate marketers, who will sell products and services, the merchant who provides the goods and services and the affiliate programs as well. A merchant will work with an affiliate to get their products to a consumer.

While affiliate marketing platforms are great for someone to earn money online, choosing the best one is not as easy as it sounds. Some affiliate programs will only benefit the merchant and the marketer more than other programs.

The five affiliate marketing websites include:

1. Rakuten Linkshare

This one of the oldest affiliate partner networks and as such it has gained quite a lot of popularity. The platform has distinctive features which not only make it competitive but also user friendly. For instance, it has rotating different banner ads for specific products which makes easier administration and optimization.

  • deep linking options: an option of which page will send traffic to your site for more flexibility
  • dynamic ad rotation: great for ad optimization
  • easy sign up

  • smaller affiliate network thus the products it promotes are not that many

    2. Clickbank
    This affiliate marketing program deals with digital products like eBooks. With this program, people from any occupation can sign up for free accounts and once a person signs up, they get access to millions of eBooks that other members are selling.

  • free registration and no additional charges which is common for many other affiliate programs
  • you have the freedom to sell whatever you like
  • quick and timely payments
  • 10-75% commission rate
  • it is one of the simplest affiliate marketing websites to use and does not require a person to have prior experience

  • The first payments are delayed because one must meet customer distribution and payment thresholds

    3. CJ Affiliate
    Commission Junction, CJ is a large affiliate network offering a wide range of affiliate programs for many popular and well-established organizations. It is an intermediary between merchants and affiliate marketers.

  • gives you a larger platform as there are over 3,000 merchant partners offering millions of products
  • it is easy to use and choose the preferred goods and services
  • it has great reporting capabilities
  • it gives you access to various useful data

  • CJ has long delays in payments

    4. Amazon Associates
    Amazon is the largest affiliate site boasting of more than 1.5 million sellers. It is perfect for beginner marketing affiliates.

  • it is easy to use with a user-friendly interface
  • it is very flexible
  • it is a large partner network with more than a million merchants
  • it is very popular

  • Amazon offers low commission rates

    5. Avantlink
    Avantlink connects businesses with marketers. The system handles all sales and commissions.

  • availability of many merchants
  • a wide range of product categories to choose from
  • it is great for beginners

  • it does not have the best customer support

    These are the top affiliate programs that anyone interested in affiliate marketing should be using.

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