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Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising has been around for some time and are one of the most commonly used ad types on the internet. They usually consist of images or a flash video with accompanying texts describing the advertisement. These images or flash videos are
embedded on web pages with a link that takes visitors to the advertisers' website. Web banner advertising can be static or animated; static when it contains images only and dynamic when it is a flash video. The usefulness of web banner ads can be summarized in a single sentence: to promote a brand, and/or to get visitors from a host website to an advertiser's website.

A web banner can be like a physical banner outside a shop. They both make you enter somewhere with a promise of something enticing; the physical banner makes you enter the physical shop whereas the web banner makes you visit another website where there is a promising offer. A promising offer, in this case, can be a new and improved product, a discount, etc. These "offers" increase your curiosity and you want to find out what is in the place that the banner is pointing to.

What can you do with a web banner?

1. Increasing customer traffic

Web banner advertising use creatives (images and videos) and compelling text to get visitors to visit an advertiser's website when they click on the creatives. If you plan your ad strategies well or have experts do it for you, you can use banner ads to pull large amounts of traffic to your website.

2. Sell a product

If you just launched a new product and you want to promote it, or you have an existing product that you simply want to increase its exposure, you can use web banner advertising to do that. All you need is to make sure the ad copy and ad creative is well crafted and that the website where the ad would be placed is related to your niche.

3. Grab customer's attention

Grabbing peoples' attention on the internet in this digital age can be quite challenging, but with a little bit of creativity, you can breakthrough using banner ads. You need to study the audience that you want to advertise to and know the things that will appeal to them. You also need to consider the product that you are advertising. You need a well-designed ad creative and also a well-crafted ad copy to do all that.

4. Announcing discounts and sales

Businesses usually generate lots of revenues through special sales and discounts. But if you are going to be offering special sales without letting your potential and existing customers know about it, how would you achieve your intended purpose? You use banner ads to do that. Let's assume it is Black Friday, and you have decided to offer your customers special discounts, you can use tastefully use Black Friday themed banners to achieve that. This is the same way a local restaurant could place a physical banner in front of their outlet letting customers know of their special offers.

Advantages of using web banner advertising

1. Banner ads are less intrusive

Visitors are more likely to click on banner ads because they blend with the host's website and can often appear as part of the website. Website visitors have become used to banners as parts of websites, so they don't see ad banners in a different light. And coupled with the less intrusive nature of banner ads, visitors won't see them as much distraction.

2. Easy to set up

Setting up a banner ad is quite easy and doesn't take much time. With a little knowledge of HTML and some graphic design skills, you can have your banner ad up and running in a matter of seconds. This is as opposed to other ad types that require more technical know-how. With its ease of setup, you can always change the shape, position of your banner ad if you feel it is not yielding the intended result.

3. Plenty ad servers

Finding an ad network to run your banner ad won't be much of hard work as it relatively has simpler features. Almost every ad network serves banner ads, so you won't find it difficult finding a network to run yours, plus the prices are also competitive.

Cons of using web banner ads

1. Untargeted traffic

With banner ads, you will surely get traffic and even lots of it to your website, but this would be untargeted traffic that may not convert to sales. People may follow the ad to your website out of sheer curiosity with no real intention of purchasing anything you have there.

2. Since there are already many ads across the internet, you might need to go the extra mile to make your own super attractive before it would attract visitors.

In all, banner ads remain one of the most popular ad types on the web today and also a cheap way for you to get lots of traffic to your website. How do you pay for banner ads?

Like most other ad types, banner ads can be paid for in many ways, by CTRs (click-through-rates), cost per impressions, time spent on the web page. The costs for all these may vary depending on the ad network.

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