New autoresponder services being added to 1-1Hits!

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New autoresponder services being added to 1-1Hits!

Green Leaf TE

Green Leaf Traffic Exchange

I'm currently working on a new autoresponder feature which will provide autoresponder services to anyone who is trying to earn money online. By being upgraded at 1-1Hits, you are already qualified to use our autoresponder exclusively. This means, you will not have to spend any more money by using it. I think this feature will add tremendous value to 1-1Hits and it will be a great way to attract more members.

I'm not sure what the requirements are going to be just yet but I'm planning to give free access to all the pro members. This will include the $5 club members, Gold Members, Platinum members, Diamond Members, and Double Diamond members. This alone will make the best autoresponder service around especially for our upgraded 1-1Hits members. Free members will have to either upgrade to one of the membership levels if they want to get access to the autoresponder or they will have to go to the autoresponder website to sign up and upgrade.

I'm thinking of charging $8 a month for the service because I really want to make it affordable for everyone; there are many people who are struggling financially all over the world and this will be a good way to save them money.

Autoresponder Services

This autoresponder service will have an affiliate side of it and I'm thinking to reward members 50% commissions. This means you will make $4 for every ereferral who upgrades. At this price, I think many people will upgrade and the potential is HUGE!

I see many people who are using traffic exchanges that are not using autoresponders. Perhaps they don't realize how valuable this tool is or they just simply can't afford it. All they have to do is spend $5 a month by becoming a $5 Club member at 1-1Hits and they can have access to it.

The script has already been installed and we are working on the bugs which I have found hardly any so far. I already contacted the designer for a website template and I'm going to have her design 10 lead capture forms so they can be ready to go whenever the autoresponder gets launched.

There is a need for affordable Autoresponder services and I believe we can provide this service to those who are not interested in traffic exchanges. This way, we can target even more people. This means that we need to step out of the box, target a different markert, and bring them to us.

If you are not a $5 Club member, this is a good time to upgrade. I am always looking for ways to increase our member's income and I believe this one will do just that.

The autoresponder script will have a 468 x 60 banner advertising feature which I'm planning to use.

The autoresponder has its own domain which means those 1-1hits members who will be using it will need to get an account there. Once the autoresponder is running smoothly, I will look around to see which other features I can add to 1-1Hits.

I'm hoping the autoresponder will be ready to be launched by June first hopefully sooner. That is if we don't find major bugs.

I'm constantly writing articles and I am going to write more specifically targeting those who are looking for ways to get started with email marketing.

I hope you look forward to this and hope you take advantage of it because it will be amazing to be able to start building your list without spending a whole lot of money.

NOTE: I am hesitant to post the autoresponder website but I feel that some of you just can't wait. If that's you then, you can visit the site but with the following conditions:
  • The site is not ready yet. You will receive an official email letting you know the site has been launched.
  • You will use it so you can play around and become familiar with its features.
  • The forms that you create may or may not be deleted at some point because we are still updating the system.
  • Your account may or may not be deleted as a result of updates.
  • The information on the website does not apply just yet.
  • Do not start referring members to it.

    If you agree with the above then go ahead and sign up. I will login every day and I will upgrade you to pro. If you are a free member at 1-1Hits, your account there will be downgraded to free once the site is up and running.

    Click below to visit the site:

    Please let me know if you have any questions, have any suggestions, or to report any bugs you find on the autoresponder. I am only an email away and no matter how busy I am, I will answer it.

    Hope you are having a great weekend and please stay safe and continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask when near others, wash your hands frequently, and stay home as much as possible.

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