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About Our autoresponder Form - It is now showing

Green Leaf TE

Autoresponder Form

The autoresponder form is now working. It seemed I left the {body} tag out within the sample lead capture forms in the admin area. The autoresponder signup form disappeared and it took me a couple of days to figure this out.

In order for the form to display you need to leave the {subscribeform} tag in the home page area under admin settings in your back office. Whatever you add to that area, it will show above or below the form depending where you put the information. I'm still playing around with the forms and see what else I can find.

By form I mean the field where you enter your name and email are visible and the {subscribeform} is what makes them display. If you don't use this tag then those fields will not show up at all.

Now I need to create a few emails to test the follow up system to make sure it works properly. I will write instructions about all of this to make it easier for you.

I'm adding promotional banners and so far I have added 5 468 x 60 banners. Please go check them out and see if you like them. I will add 125 x 125 square banners next, then I will create 250 x 250 and so on. I will create them myself for now to save money because I'm spending a good amount in the website template and the lead capture forms. Don't advertise the site yet because it is not ready. I will let you now when we are ready.

Autoresponder Form

You can play around within the site and visit all the links so you can become familiar with everything. You can also create an autoresponder and a series of test emails to see how the system works. Every time you create an email and update that email, it will be sent to your email box automatically. This way, you will be able to check the changes you just made. I think this is a nice feature because it will save you a bunch of steps like I have seen at other autoresponder services.

I will have the designer create the website template which I want it to have the same colors like the current one. After that, I'm going to have her work on the lead capture forms.

I'm thinking to exclude the $5 Club members from using the autoresponder except those who are already subscribed. New subscribers will need to upgrade to at least the Gold membership at 1-1Hits.com in order for them to get access to it. The reason being, is that I want to attract more members to those membership levels. I think this will add way more value to those memberships.

Gold members pay $6 a month which is only $1 difference from the $5 Club and earn 40% commissions and by getting access to the autoresponder, will make them feel upgrading will be worth it. The new members who upgrade to the $5 Club will need to upgrade to the autoresponder services and pay $8 a month which is what we need.

Once the autoresponder services are available, you need to start contacting your downline at 1-1Hits so they can join under you. You do need to make sure you send them your autoresponder referral URL.

FYI - since this information is in the autoresponder members area; your back office, it will be changed later on. I created an article for which you can refer to later on. In fact, you can go and read all the prior articles and subsequent ones in the articles area.

You will find the articles for our autoresponder under the section "Our Autoresponder."


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