How to Setup Your AIOP Autoresponder

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How to Setup Your AIOP Autoresponder

How to setup your AIOP autoresponder

Setting up your AIOP autoresponder is not complicated and once you learn how to do it, you will be on your way to grow your business like never before.

If you do not have an AIOP account, you need to get one. Click here to register. Instructions:

Login to your AIOP account.
Hover your mouse over "TOOLBOX" and click on "Autoresponder"

You are now on the AIOP Response page. Hover your mouse on "Campaigns" and then click on "Autoresponders."

AIOP Images

Campaign ID: enter whatever name you want. Something that relates to your campaign. For the sake of this example, I entered, "how-to-collect-subscribers."
Campaign Name: I entered "How to Collect Subscribers"
Email Address: Enter your best email here. It can be the same one you are using at AIOP.
Click on "Submit"

You are now in the active campaigns page.
Your campaign should be on your list and what you need to do is click on "Go" which is on the same line on the right side.

Click on "Here" located where it says, "To edit your campaigns, set the language for the Opt-in mail or to set a custom Opt-in confirm and welcome page. Activate the campaign first (go) then click here to edit."

You need to do the 2 steps above every time you want to work with a specific autoresponder, if not, you will be working with the default autoresponder so you need to make sure you do it right.

Under signup URL, you need to enter the url to let your subscribers check their email so they can verify their subscription. In that email there will be a verification link which they need to click. Once they do, they will be officially subscribed. Enter This URL: how-to-collect-subscribers-check-your-email.php

Under URL: you will enter your thank you link. Enter This URL:

Once you have done all of the above, hover your mouse on "Autoresponders" located on the top menu and then click on "Edit Autoresponders."

This is where you are going to enter all your follow up emails.

AIOP Email Setup

Ready to enter your first email?

Before you do anything, go to the "Message Type" which is located below the subject line. Click on "HTML Enhanced."
Then click on the drop down menu where it says "Font Size." Change it to 4 or whatever you think your subscribers will like best.
I leave it at 4 because that's the main size used.

Enter the line of text in the subject line:
[[fixfirstname]], How to collect subscribers easily

In the body enter the following text:
Hello [[fixfirstname]],
Welcome, I'm so glad you decided to learn
how to collect subscribers and skyrocket your
income. In the following days, I will show you
exactly the system I'm using to collect my leads
When you are done, you are going to be using
This exact system as well.

Collecting subscribers is something you must do
in order to increase your sales. If you are not doing
so, your business will grow slowly. It is not easy and
you must concentrate all your advertising efforts on
your lead generation. This is a must because you
are now basically working for yourself and not for
someone else. This is because you are collecting
these leads for yourself and not for other

If you have been advertising your programs and not
collecting leads, you have been helping those programs
owners collect leads.

The strategy I'm going to show you is simple but
make sure you follow the instructions to the letter
and stick to it. Try not to get easily distracted by
the next best program. Before you join anything
else, you must have a system in place to collect
leads and that's why you are here.

Step 1
Get an account at When you join, you
will receive 1000 free ad credits, 1000 rectangle
and square banner, plus 1000 text ad impressions.
We are going to implement 1-1Hits in our income
strategy. 1-1Hits pays 30% to free members which is
quite a lot if you compare it with other traffic
exchanges and any other money making programs.

It is recommended you upgrade to the $5 program
because it is very popular and when your referrals
start coming in they will likely upgrade as well.
and you don't want to miss earning $5 commissions
from them.

The next step will be coming tomorrow. In order to
explode your income you need a special tool which
I'm going to talk about. In the meantime
familiarize yourself with 1-1Hits.

Click here to get an account at

Best regards,

Hector Rivera

Three things you need to make sure when setting your emails.
Make sure you leave the interval to "0" (Zero) because your members will receive this email instantly.
For the second email, you will set your interval at 1 so they can receive it the next day, the third email will be 2 so they
can receive it 2 days from the day they subscribed and so on

Referral URLs are embedded within the text of your emails. Please, please make sure you change it to yours.

This will show you how to do it just in case you don't know how.
Highlight a word or phrase you want to convert it to a hypertext link, then click on the icon that looks like a chain. Hover your mouse over it and it will say "Insert/Edit Link." When you click on the chain link icon a window will pop up. If another link was embedded in the text you highlighted, a link will show up where it says "Link URL." That referral url belongs to some other member other than you. Replace that referral URL with yours. If the Link URL area is blank just enter your full AIOP referral URL.

You have to do this with all the links that you see throughout the page and this is so you can get your subscribers to sign up under you. If you don't do this, your referrals will go to someone else.

Basically we are advertising 2 programs in these emails. and AIOP. You need to replace the RULs of those programs with yours.

Testing your email
To test your email you need to do the following:
Hover your mouse on "Autoresponders" then click on "Test Autoresponders."
On the drop down menu select the email you want to test and then click "Send Test Message."
If you have more than one email, you will see them in that drop down menu.

Now you need to go to your email account and check to see if you received your email. Read it and pay attention to misspellings or things you would like to change. Click on all the links to make sure they are working well and that they show you as the referral. Go to the signup page of those websites and see if your name appears as the referral. Do those with each link.

Editing your emails
If you need to edit your emails, hover your mouse on "Autoresponders" then click on "Edit Autoresponders."
Check the radio mark next to the email you want to edit and then click on "Select message." Your message will show up and then you can make all the necessary changes. When you are done click on "Update Message." When you are done, send a test message again. Every time you make a change to your emails, send a test email because you want to make sure they are okay.

It is recommended that you send messages every day for 5 to 7 days. After that, you need to space them to every other day or every three days. Make sure you send them valuable information and add a sales pitch at the bottom. If you send emails too frequently, your subscribers may not like it and will end up unsubscribing.

After you are done setting up your autoresponder make sure you go read the next email or return to

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