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We are Now Accepting Your Testimonials?

Testimonials are powerful because they give more credibility to any website and I believe by adding them to our website, will help us increase our membership base. When submitting your testimonials, you will benefit as well and this is because you will be increasing your brand because many people will be reading them.

Your referral URL will be embedded within your testimonial; it will be within your image and within your name. When visitors click on your links, they will be taken to the signup page. This means the potential for signups under you will increase. It is a win win for all of us.

Your testimonial will be posted first come first serve in the Testimonials' page. Some will be posted in the front page at the top, middle, and the bottom of the main sales page. They will also be posted on high traffic pages such as the login page, the main article page, and the individual article pages. I will look and see where else I can put them.

I will be alternating the testimonials on the main page but they will live forever on the other pages. Alternating the testimonials will give everyone an equal chance of getting referrals. This is FREE advertising for you so please take advantage of this and make sure to submit yours as soon as you can.

By sending your testimonials you will be branding yourself big time. Imagine people seeing your picture thousands of times! Do not take it lightly and take advantage of it because you will benefit from it.

Below are the requirements for your testimonial:
All members, free and paid, can submit their testimonials. Those who are paid members will take priority. Meaning their testimonials will be posted in more visible areas. Free members will be posted in the article pages. Those pages get lots of visitors as well.

Please submit the following information:
Your full name - this is so I can find you in the system easily.
Your image - if your image is already in the gravatar, you are covered. You don't need to submit one. If you do not have your image in the gravatar, you need to submit one.
Your referral URL - please submit your referral URL
Your testimonial - you can write topics about how you like the website, how helpful admin has been, your experience receiving commissions, surfing contest, Etc...

There are a few testimonials on the main sales page; one at the top, one in the middle, and three are located towards the bottom. Please go take a look. That's how yours will look!

Please take the time to write a good one as soon as you can and submit it. I will add it somewhere on the website as soon as I can.

Disclaimer: This website offers paid advertising and some of the links are from affiliate programs. Should you make a purchase from those ads or affiliate programs, we will make money from sales or earn commissions. If you have any issues from purchases from any of those websites you need to contact them directly. If you have any issues after you purchase ads from us, please contact us. To do that, you need to login to your account and contact us from there.

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