1 to 1 Traffic Exchange Websites

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1 to 1 Traffic Exchange Websites

1 to 1 Traffic Exchange Websites - There are not very many traffic exchanges out
there offering a 1:1 hit ratio to free members. In order to get the one to one hit ratio you are looking for, you have to upgrade. With the hundreds of traffic exchanges out there, it is hard to decide to which one you need to upgrade because they all vary in prices, commissions structure, features, and so on. To save you time and money, you need to stick to those websites that offer a 1:1 hit ratio to free members. There are only a handfull of them out there and I hope with time, there will be more available.

Again, Surfing on websites that offer less that 1 credit per site can amount to a long time being spent.

Here is a sample of different websites offering different hit ratios:
You get .4 credits per website you surf with an 8 second surfing timer.
You get .35 credits per website you surf with an 8 second surfing timer.
You get .33 credit per website you surf with an 8 second surfing timer.
This means, you need to surf 24 seconds to get one single hit if you surf on a website that offers a .33 credit. This can amount to a long time! I know that many people are working with a limited budget, if any at all.

I have been looking for websites that offer a 1 to 1 hit ratio but there are not many out there.

Below is a list of the ones I have found so far.

  • 1-1Hits.com offers a 1:1 surfing ratio with only a 4 second timer which is phenomenal! This way, your websites are getting exposure more frequently. Free and paid members get a 1 to 1 hit ratio no matter what. When members upgrade, they can earn up 100% commissions from referral upgrades and from ad pack purchases. This is a great opportunity for those who want to make some money.

  • WebMasterQuest.com has been around for years and their 1:1 surfing ratio for free members is 10 seconds which makes it great as well. I spent some time looking through their website and I could not find what their commissions are. It would be nice if they just put it in front of you because it is much easier to decide if it is worth to upgrade or not.

  • TrafficG.com has been around a long time and it has over 500,000 members. Their surfing timer is 12 seconds for a 1:1 surfing ratio. This is one of my favorite websites. I'm not sure they pay commissions because I could not find any information about this on their website. They only mention you get more credits for referring others.

  • TrafficHumanoid.com - 1:1 hit ratio with a 15 second timer. Free members can make 10% commissions from referral sales and upgrades. Upgraded members can surf for 1:1 hit ratio with only 5 seconds and can earn 40% from all sales.

  • EasyHits4U.com is the leading Traffic Exchange. They have over 1.3 million members! Their surfing ratio is 1:1 with a 20 second timer. It can take a long time to pile up a good amount of credits. They have all kinds of nice features and their system works! So, let's pay attention and see how they do it.

    My recommendation is for you to join all 5 websites above and surf them all the time. You should develop a strategy to maximize your time while earning the most amount of credits with these traffic exchanges. What I suggest is to surf all of them at the same time; one in each window of course and go from one to the next. You will save a lot of time and you will be earning one credit per website you surf.

    It's all about the money!
    Which one of the websites above pays the most commissions? I believe it is 1-1Hits.com. You can make up to 100% commissions when you upgrade. Right now they have a promotion were you can upgrade for as little as $6 a month and you qualify for these 100% commissions. This is a limited time offer because after this promotion is over, their compensation plan will be as follows:

    Gold members will earn 50% commissions
    Platinum members will earn 65% commissions
    Diamond will earn 80% commissions
    Double Diamond will earn 100% commissions which will be the same except admin will share 10% from all sales with them. This is because they are spending the most money.

    It makes sense to upgrade to 1-1Hits.com right now and start building your organization so you can reap the rewards. Those who join now will earn 100% commissions for ever because they will be grandfathered.

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